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Hi and welcome to Wild - the second book in The Feral Series!

I've had the pleasure of being invited to the Wattpad Paid Stories programme, which means the Feral Series will no longer be free. You'll have to pay for the chapters to unlock them starting at chapter 7. This is a massive opportunity for me to get supported for the endless hours and amount of work I've put into this series.

You might wonder why I don't just go to another site or try out traditional publishing? And honestly, I've found a home on Wattpad. I love Wattpad. Would I like to be traditionally published one day? Hell yeah. But where publishing is at the moment, I don't think it's possible for my books. Writing about marginalised voices when my own voice is marginalised as well, isn't the best position to have. It's getting there, but I don't think publishing is ready for someone like me – or for my books. And I'm not sure I would ever be able to finish the query process. Here I have the chance to keep my works where I want them. Not to mention, I write New Adult. It's not New Adult that's getting traditionally published right now. So I'm very happy I get to keep my books on Wattpad while also pursuing a more professional route in writing.

The whole series is very important to me. The amount of support I've gotten for it has been amazing. And I'm so honoured to be amongst the other fantastic Paid Stories authors.

So, I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did.

All the love,


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