Chapter Five: Forgotten Title 🌺

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September 16, 1993:
Harry woke with a start, after looking around and remembering what he did and where he is, he checks the time. Twenty minuts until classes start. He puts his wand away and pulls out the photos and certificate.

While staring at the certificate he calls out, "Rona!"

A faint pop, and the blue eye elf was before him, "Yes?"

Smiling at her he then asks, "You were here during December of 1983 right?"

At her nodding he continues, "was Lily Potter pregnant or acting like it?"

Roma looked down at the ground with a slight pout, "Us elves were sworn to secrecy!"

"How can I get around that?" He calmly asks.

"Headmaster isnt makin' us swear not tell a new master. If I's break my bond with him you's can become my's master." She looked hopeful.

"Alright do it."

He watched as she closed her eyes and popped away. He just stared at the spot until she poped back in wearing socks that had glittering stars on them.

"I's asked for clothes, he gave me's clothes." She elaborated.

Harry knew what to do next, afterall he had to learn it as the heir of a noble and ancient house. Raising his wand he recites, "I, Harry James Potter, heir to the ancient and noble house of Black, do call upon magic herself to bind Rona the house elf to my magic. To serve, protect, and care for until death or release through gifting of clothes," when his wand tip is glowing white he touches it to Rona's chest, "so mote it be."

Pulling away he watches as Rona faintly glows, and becomes younger. Now she no longer was riddled with wrinkles, and looked healthy.

"What can Rona do for master?" She asks.

"First, call me Harry. Second, answer my previous question." He commanded without malice.

Nodding, "yes, Harry sir! She was, and poppy's be helping her. She hid it with charms, only us elves and staff knew!"

"Does James Potter, her husband, know?" He asked.

"Yes, he be there with potion master."

Harry for some reason felt an unexplainable amount of anger at those three. They all willingly abandoned his little sister in some muggle place! He scowled at nothing particular.

"Rona, are you able to apparate me out of the school without being detected?" He asked.

"Yes, Harry sir!"

"Alright, head to Godric's Hollow, introduce yourself to Nippy, she's Elise's, and tell her who you belong to. After that tell her your to take over the yards maintenance. I will call for you later, okay?"

At having something to do she happily nods and pops to Godric's Hollow. Harry on the other hands takes a quick look at his little sister, and firmly decides he's going to see her before putting it away in his shirts pocket along with the folded birth certificate. Getting up he checks the time, ten minutes until breakfast is over, and leaves stopping by the kitchen to eat.

Meanwhile the potions master was angrily watching as the charms professor, and headmaster tried to fix his clothes. You see the problems they kept running into was every time they'd cast a spell, the clothes would change, and neither of them knew any spells that could do this to clothes.

Sighing Flickwick turns to Snape, "who ever did this, used original spells, only they can dispel it or you'll have to wait until it wears off. I'm sorry, I can't be of more help."

Snape growls, "then I will cancel my classes-"

"Severus, my boy, I can't allow that today. We have no one who can cover your classes let alone your patrols." The headmaster gently told him with a sad look but Snape could see the twinkle in his eyes.

Before he could bark for them to leave, the two quickly did so when Lily popped her head in saying, "Just thought I check-"

She covers her mouth at seeing her colleague's clothes and the disarray of his quarters. Smiling apologetically, "I see your busy, I'll see you later." She then leaves stifling any laughter.

Snape growls in frustration and casts several charms of his own in attempt to fix his clothes. To no avail he made it worst, he knows who did this, he just knows it was him! Potter the brat looked like his father and acted like him!

Grabing the least awful looking of his usual robes he quickly changes, and goes yo his small kitchen. There, while seething, he makes a small breakfast. He was probably already late to his class but he didn't care. He was deciding how he was going to punish the potter brats! He has no doubt that Harry was jn his quarters but he wouldn't put it past the brat to receive help from his rotten brother!

He may have mended his friendship to a small degree with Lily but that did not mean he held anything for her, her, brats!!

With that last thought he storms off to the potions room.

Meanwhile, Harry after finishing his breakfast checks the time. Class was just starting, he makes his way down to the dungeons to find the class just now walking in all talking. Which meant Snape wasn't there yet! Grinning he watches as the last student closes the door behind them, bringing him self up he starts to walk to the door but stops when he hears a hiss. Looking at the floor around him he spots Ahish in a darken spot not far away. Picking Ahish up he lets the snake wrap part of itself on his right arm while relaxing its head on his left shoulder. Turning to the door he slams it open, watching as the class reacts like they do to Snape. They quickly go silent and still, but then look confused when they see its him.

He smiles at them and slowly walks to the desk, ignoring the flinches from some, and walkes around the desk. He pulls out the chair and sits in it. Leaning back he props his legs on the desk. The class are all looking at him with wide eyes, and when he spots Draco he sees that he's paler then the rest of Slytherin.

Whipping his wand out he flicks it at the door and lets it close with a soft click. When he sees Draco move to stand he calls out, "sit Draco."

Draco quickly does as he was told much to the confusion of the Gryffindors. The class sits in silence until the door slams open again. Snape strides in but stops halfway seeing the bastard who destroyed his clothes.

Everyone struggles trying not to react. Snape was wearing luscious red robes that had pink glitter running down the sides. Trust me this really was the least horrid look Harry left for Snape.

Snape couldn't hide the rage he was feeling, "POTTER!!"

His shout caused the class to jump in their seats while Harry just sat smiling.

"Ah! Severus," Snape's face was now red, "quite the intriguing look! My I never thought you'd have the balls to work a look like that!"

Harry's friends and brother were looking at him in horror. No one knew what to do and they all froze wgen Snape stalked up to Harry, ignoring Ahish, and grabs the front of his plaid shirt. Hauling him to his feet, Snape opens his his mouth but before he says a thing Harry hisses out, "Peony Maud Evans."

Snape closes his mouth, he goes deathly pale, his eyes widen in horror, and his grip slackens. It only happens for a split second but then his face goes blank and he steps back. Then in ghe deadliest voice he tells Harry, "get out. Your banned from potions." He pauses then shouts when Harry doesn't move, "GET OUT!!"

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