Chapter 24. The Unraveling.

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Belle's POV

"Artan, can you take this with you and give it to Aria in the morning? I am sure she will love it." I asked, referring to the pretty chocolate cake the man had for my birthday.

"Sure, but you know what she's going to like more?" He said with a naughty smile on his face. "This." He continued as he wipes the white frosting of the chocolate cake on top of my nose.

"Seriously!? Omg. What's that?" I said, pointing to his side.

For a second he looked over his shoulder which gave me the chance to get back at him. The icing however, just landed on his lips.

"That was a good one." He said with a smile on his face. I just giggled.

I was about to wipe my nose with the napkin but the man insisted that he will do it. I tried so hard not to make eye contact because our proximity will make it really awkward.

"Baby." He said as he continues stroking my nose gently.


"Hasn't it occurred to you that you might have chosen the wrong Drug Lord?" He asked with a hint of naughtiness and at the same time I felt like it was a question truly from his heart.

I smack him with the napkin that I am holding and then wiped the icing off of his lips. The man just chuckles in response.

"The night at the restaurant, I could swear you were kind of --- you know, feeling some way because I was with that lady." He said, referring to that incident in the restaurant before we were attacked by the Germans.

I kind of had a feeling that my actions that night might be interpreted as such by Artan but really, my main concern was him drinking too much again. Of course, I was curious as well.

"Oh, so you're dating her?"

"Dating is not for a man like me. The life that I was born into does have some downsides, I am sure you are familiar with. " He replied.

"Nikolai once told me that he does not date. That it's not really his thing. I thought it just comes with being a Boss. I mean, you get what or who you want with no questions asked."

"I have learned the hardest way that a Boss does not get what or who he wants all the time." He retorted. I know what he is implying.


"All I'm saying is, we can't just let ourselves fall into the trap of thinking that we are living a normal life. Bringing someone in our lives, especially if that someone is not from our world could potentially be the biggest mistake we could ever make."

I somehow understand him, this was the reason why Nikolai and I broke up last time. He was afraid that I might end up like his sister. He thought that it was a mistake that he dragged me into his world. He's thinking that something might happen to me because of him that is why he chose to let me go.

"Then why did you still want me if you think that you could put me in danger? I was a normal person living a normal life before I met Nikolai, Alexei, and you." I asked out of curiosity.

He stood up from my side and went back to his seat across the table. "Because the heart does not listen to reason."

The heart does not listen to reason.

Whomever this man ends up with someday must be very lucky. Yes, he ticks all the boxes of being dangerous and controlling sprinkled with craziness and stubbornness on top, but he is also a man who can make a woman fall head over heels for him because of his heart. Just like my Nikolai and Alexei.

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