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Miku has always managed to curl on a smile of hers when things just tear her apart.

The broken relationship she's been in for 3 years, the divorcement of her parents, the lonely childhood, the death of her childhood pet dog and last but not least, being an incredible failure back in high school days until she doubted herself in doing anything. By meaning literally everything.

But throughout the breakdowns of her life, the tealette never cries or pleads in hope or pain. She'll keep it in within her and let the information slide by with optimism. Although things always didn't turn out to be like she wanted (plus being an embarrassment), she can control the skill of holding things that matters and forgiving herself for her past mistakes. That's why she's known as the 'Tough Dumbo' among her circle of friends.

She rarely cries.
In fact, she doesn't (aside the fact the time she's born).

But, on 31 August.

Everyone is bewildering in confusion and puzzlement. A day to supposedly cherish this 'Tough Dumbo' for turning 20—a new age to restart by planning a birthday party, none of them expects to be greeted by a crying Hatsune Miku.

And it all began like this.

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