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We found out where Johanna lived and we went to her house. Snow and I walked out to  where she was planning the flowers to which Snow was named from, snow bells. Beside that was a rose bush, to where I got my name, Roselina.
‘’Johanna’’snow said. Joanna looked at us smiling.
‘’Snow, Roselina’’she said
‘’It's Mary Marget here’’Snow said
‘’Elizabeth’’I said
‘’No, you will always be my dear Snow and Roselina’’
We hugged her tightly. Tears threatening to run down my face.
‘’I never thought I would see you again’’Snow said
We let go and Joanna put her hands on my face’’I thought you were gone. You were kidnapped’’
‘’I know, but don’t worry I'm fine, I was never hurt’’I said. She smile and kissed my forehead before letting me go. Snow took the tiara from her purse
‘’How did you get this?’’Snow asked
‘’Oh, I cam across it in Mr.Golds shop and I knew how much it meant to you, I knew you had to have it. I couldn’t find yours though Roselina’’
‘’Its alright, I  already got it from Gold a couple of weeks ago’’I said
She nodded
‘’Thank you’’Snow said
Snow looked at the ground at the snow bells’’I haven't seen those flowers in a long time’’Snow said bending down to touch them.
‘’They reminded me of you because they can survive the harshest winter and you were born during the harshest one of all’’
‘’That’s why she named me Snow’’Snow said. A tear ran down my face.
‘’I planted the roses because that’s where you got your name, Roselina.’’
I nodded wiping a tear from my face.
‘’My cheeks were so pink they reminded her of a delicate pink rose’’I said
‘’I thought this garden was a nice way to honer her’’
Snow nodded’’it is’’
Joanna took my hand and then snow's.
‘’I miss her too’’she said.
I smiled. oh how I miss my mother. We heard a clanking noise and we all turned
‘’what was that?’’Johanna asked
‘’Stay here. I'm sure it was nothing’’Snow said
‘’Please. We will be right back’’I said
Snow and I walked away from Joanna to see what the noise was. We both walked in to the forest and I was startled when I saw Regina and Cora digging something. Snow took my hand, gripping it. There working together now?
‘’Are you sure this is where we are supposed to dig?’’Cora asked
‘’Yes, Hook marked it clearly. This is where Rumpelstiltskin dagger is’’
‘’unless Hook was lying to us’’
He dose have the tendency to do that.
‘’Then this map is useless. Gold is the only one who can translate it’’
‘’Oh don’t worry sweetheart. Hook could have saved us with a lot of effort with honesty but the truth is, we don’t need anyone. I can reconstruct the map it will just take a bit more time and when we find it. I promise you. I will use that dagger to get the dark one to kill anyone you like’’Cora said
Snow and I looked at eacHother with wide eyes.
We had said goodbye to Johanna and went to the station to tell David about what happened.
‘’David’’snow said as we got into th estation. I turned the corner and saw David unconscious on the floor,
‘’David!''I yelled  and me and snow ran towards him, she fell on the floor and I croached down. We both shook him and he woke up.
‘’Oh thank god’’I said
'’David what happened?’’Snow asked
‘’Ugh, Hook. He ambushed me’’David said sitting up. God, Killian and his revenge plans!
‘’Are you hurt?’’Snow asked
‘’I'm fine. Its not me he wants, its gold and his hook’’David said. I stood up as did Snow and then David.
‘’I'm going to enjoy throwing his ass in jail’’
David sat down in a chair next to the wall.
‘’Hook isn’t the problem, David’’I said
‘’Tell that to my head’’
‘’It's Regina, she's been lying to us. She's been working with Cora to find Golds dagger’'Snow explained
‘’The dagger controls him. If Cora gets it she can used gold and all his power to do her bidding’’
David stood up
‘’Or she could become the dark one herself’’I said
‘’Neither one of those options sounds good’’David said
‘’Lucky for us we can call the man himself. He's with Emma’’David said taking the phone on the desk.
‘’Yeah we already tried that. We sent her a message’’I said
‘’We cant just wait’’David said putting the phone back
‘’No we have to buy time before they call us back or return’’Snow said
‘’How?’’I asked
‘’Regina. She doesn't trust her mother. Never has if we can put some doubt in her about Cora's motives it might slow them down’’Snow said
‘’You think she will just trust you?’’David asked
‘’Well she doesn't need to trust me. She just has to listen to me and I know how to get her to do that’’Snow said.

Authors note:
But we are so close to season 3! I'm so exited!! And i will write season 3 in a sequel.

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