Chapter 6: Survivors, Welcome

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The world turns sideways for a minute. In panic I stumble my way inside the crumbling hut, probably not the best idea to run into a collapsing building but I have to get my friends out. Viol and Jolton tumble around on the ground unable to get up from the earth violently shaking beneath them. I soon join them on the ground. Barely seconds after the earthquake began the ground breaks in two, sharp jagged edges like metal teeth opening up a huge hole. It keeps growing, and it keeps growing in our direction.

"OH MY CREA—" Is all I can get out before the growing crack swallows us whole.

What kept me to the surface is gone; I fall. I scream as I flap my wings, but I can't get a gust of air under me. My arms flail in the air. I can only watch the light above me become smaller and smaller until I hit the ground.

A burning pain shoots through my body as soon as I open my eyes. My head feels like liquid, swaying from one side to another. Gravity is pulling me harder then it should as I try to get up.

"Hey, don't stand up!" Jolton exclaims as he runs over to me.

"Yeah." I manage to squeak out.

"Are you ok? Does your head hurt?" I look up at Jolton curiously.

"Yeah, why?"

"It's bleeding..."

Joltons brows furrow. He looks at me carefully and tries to find a way to help. My hand reaches to my head ignoring the pain, I bring my hand down slowly afraid of what I might see. It's covered in a layer of thick red blood. My blood.

"Are you ok?" I ask Jolton, trying to keep my mind off of all the pain I'm experiencing.

"Yeah, I landed in that pile of hay over there." He says while looking in the direction of a stack of hay lying in the corner of the room. The hay pile is the only thing in the room. It seems misplaced.

"And Viol?" I ask.

"Viol fell in the hay with me, but it didn't brace her fall as much as it did for me, just knocked her out."

Jolton motions me over to Viol, who is lying in the haystack. She looks soundly asleep.

I try to stand up, but proceed to fall down. I manage to drag my body to the scratchy pile next to Viol.

"You might have a concussion, you'll probably be very dizzy so don't move too much."

Jolton seems used to taking care of injuries, but I guess in a family as big and as active as his there must be a lot of hurt kids.

"Where are we?" I ask in a frightened tone.

"I-I don't know." Jolton says, looking just as confused as I am.

"You think this is the safe house?"

I now have time to look around the pit we've fallen into. The floor is shining white marble, the walls are made of a white stone that eventually leads to hard dirt and the faint rust sky that rises high above us. Although there aren't any lights in the room, it seems to glow. Besides up, the only exit is a long hallway that stretches out so far I can't see where it ends. There's a window on the wall opposite the hallway, but only darkness can be seen through it. The whole place smells weirdly sanitary, like a hospital. It all seems off to me.

Jolton grabs my hands and pulls me up, giving me a sharp pain in the side of my head. I give my wings a big stretch, flapping them once or twice. I fly across the room to a nearby window. Unfortunately there's only a dull light on the other side and I can't figure out what's there.

Jolton picks up Viol in his arms and starts walking towards the hallway. I follow close behind and we go down the long, white tiled hallway. At the end of the hall we come to a steel door, one that might be used as a bank vault door. Before we can decide weather to open it, a small camera on the side of the door whirrs as if it's zooming in. A robotic voice comes out of nowhere: "Survivors, welcome."

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