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Chapter 21

Nicholas St.Claire


                I was almost in a state of disbelief as I held my mate to my chest. Libby’s eyes held a far off look to them as she thought over everything I had revealed to her. She absentmindedly traced circles on my chest as she thought. I was almost afraid that this was all just a dream and I would wake up to find her hating me instead of accepting what I was. I wouldn’t blame her but nonetheless, I was filled with elation at her calm approach to my lineage. She freaked out a bit in the beginning but that’s understandable considering the circumstances. Speaking of circumstances, my blood started to simmer once more at what had caused Libby to faint from fright.

                As soon as I stepped out of the car, I could smell him. After another second of careful sniffing, I realized there wasn’t just one werewolf here. Three wolf scents along with two other human scents mingled along the house. A quick look to the others signaled that they could smell the intruders as well. Looking around, I knew they were watching; watching me and watching Libby. Without a second thought, I scooped Libby up into my arms and rushed her into the house. Lilly and Sasha followed behind as Dustin and Wes fanned out around the house. I could see the confusion written across my mate’s face but at the moment, the only thing I was concerned with was getting Libby as safe as possible.

                “Nick. They’re in the woods behind the house. They haven’t made a move.” Dustin spoke through the mind link. We all knew another word should have been tacked on at the end. They haven’t made a move. Yet.

                My instincts to protect both my pack and my mate from rogues or intruders kicked in as I set Libby down in the study. Wes had filled me in the minute we smelt the foreign wolves that the study was the safest room for her to be. The room had no windows and only one exit and entrance and was further towards the back of the house. Quickly sending out a message through the pack link to call the best fighters in case the need for reinforcements arises, I looked down at the face of my beautifully innocent mate.

                “What was that all about?” She questioned, scowling at me in confusion.

                “I couldn’t pick my girlfriend up?” I infused my tone with as much arrogance as possible to try and sound like everything was alright.

                “You could. If you had a girlfriend.” She raised her eyebrows in suspicion. Shit! I’d forgotten that I hadn’t asked her to be with me yet. I was going to tonight but now it looks like that won’t be happening. I glanced at the door and used the link to call Sasha and Lilly in. “Wait, what’s going on?”

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