27:\\ Running

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My fat thighs clapped against each other as I heaved down the street. I had decided to take a nice short run around my neighborhood, but no— some idiot's dog came out of nowhere and now I feel like I can collapse any minute.

It was midnight, the optimal time for a fat girl to run because nobody can see me and nobody would want to rape me.


I was out of breath.


The dog was gaining up on me.

Step. Trip.

I slowed down.


The dog was too close.

Trip part 2.

The dog ate my leg.

Wait, wait, what's going on here. I gasped as the sun light struck my eyes.

As if I would ever willingly run.

I almost laughed. I stretched my oversized arms, hitting my sister's bunk above me. She didn't even stir as I stood up and headed to the

What can I say? I like food. I love food actually. In fact, eating is my favorite hobby.

I brushed my teeth, flossing the gummies I had eaten last night out of my teeth and walked- slowly crawled- back to bed.

I looked at my sister who looked so very peaceful as I decided to turn some very loud music on my phone.

"Going for a jog!" I shouted loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear me. Amy mumbled incoherent wordage and I smiled. Productively walking outside with my phone in hand.

There was nobody outside as I realized it was merely six a.m. Yes- fat girls can wake up early too. The turkey I ate last night wasn't enough to hold me back.

I slithered around the streets, out of breath as I stopped at the closed restaurant. I shrieked, realizing how easily I could die from starvation!

My stomach gurgled as the farts erupted— maybe I wasn't that hungry.

I couldn't believe my eyes as they landed on the only food in sight. A pigeon landed on the wooden bench as I stared at it.

This would be how I could survive another day. I needed to consume this pigeon. I slowly and unintentionally loudly stepped closer to the cross eyed creature. It glanced at my towering body and flew away.

"Darn you! Stupid pigeon! What am I suppose to eat now!" I shut my eyes, praying for food as Diana, the head chef of my favorite restaurant began unlocking the door so she could get to work.

"Diana!" I shouted across the empty area, wishing my thighs would stop rubbing against each other long enough for me to make a decent run.

At the sight of my whale figure, her eyes widened and she quickly entered, shutting the door. She must be eager to cook for me!

I sat outside, waiting for the door to unlock as I mapped out my survival strategy. I would catch the next animal- whatever it may be- and use it to sustain myself for the coming hours of laborious waiting.

I saw a snail slowly make its way across the grass as my gasp erupted. Yes! Free food!

I ran toward the majestic creature, imagining I was in France and that it was already cooked as I snatched it from the ground. I gulped audibly as I held it over my mouth, ready to let its slimy contents enter my acidic stomach.

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