Desktop Applications vs Web Apps

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There are numerous apps moving around in the world today. Desktop applications are installed on a private or work computer desktop. Web applications can be entered via the Internet (or through an Intranet). While both kinds of applications are software-based, there are differences between desktop and web applications.

According to, some people assert that web applications are better for various reasons. Other people assert that desktop applications will always hold supreme. A number of people utilize both types of applications. The truth is that both web apps and desktop apps have their place within the app world. The trick is realizing when to use one type of program versus the other.


Web-based applications need to be installed only erst whereas desktop applications are to be installed individually on each computer. Also modernizing the applications is unmanageable with desktop applications as it requires to be done on every single computer which is not the case with web applications.

Usage Scale

Desktop applications are cramped to a physical location and hence have usability restriction. Web applications development, on the contrary, makes it suitable for users to access the application from any location using the Internet.

Speed and execution

Web application development depends notably on Internet connectivity and speed. Lack of Internet or its poor connectivity can cause execution affairs with web applications. Desktop applications are standalone in nature and therefore do not encounter any obstacles resulting from Internet connectivity.

Bandwidth cost

As web applications are internet contingent, they cost more bandwidth usage than desktop applications do.

According to desktop application development companies, once they realize their place in the Windows Start menu or the Mac OS Dock, they are always noticeable. In the mobile world, an app that isn't on the home screen is effortlessly unremembered and ultimately never opened anymore. If you want your app to turn a regular habit in the life of your users, then you cannot take the threat of them not opening it because they don't see it. A web app that isn't attached to the browser is effortlessly closed and forever forgotten. A desktop app has the strength to be always noticeable, and even always open. Don't miss out on this!

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According to desktop application development companies, some people assert that web applications are better for various reasons. Other people assert that desktop applications will always hold supreme.

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