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Something in me ticked when I heard Alpha Oren. Meryl's own family member was trying to harm her yet she was ready to lay her life for them.

The thought of her coming to know about this sent a discomforting chill down my spine. I didn't want to hurt her but I couldn't keep such things from her, she has the right to know but that doesn't mean I was too keen on letting her know about this.

"What does that mean?" Damien was quick to speak up. He took a threatening step forward as his eyes narrowed on Alpha Oren. "Are you and your pack members going against us? Dare to challenge our Alpha King's rule?"

A hard look crossed Alpha Oren's face at the accusations thrown his way. "My pack and I have sworn our allegiance with you." He pointed out, eyes on me.

"So you are implying, you didn't know about Derek's expeditions even though he's under your command?" I asked, my voice levelled as I pinned him down with a sharp look.

Alpha Oren's jaw ticked at my obvious taunting remark but even though he was displeased he didn't voice it out. "Unfortunately yes." He answered clasping his hands together before resting his elbows over his thighs. "I believed him, he was one of our best warriors. I would have never dou---" He shook his head leaving his sentence hanging.

"I would like to meet his family members." It wasn't a request and Alpha Oren knew it very well.

"Are you, perhaps hinting that his whole family is involved, Alpha King?" Alpha Oren wasn't a fool and he very well knew that was exactly why I ordered to meet Derek's family.

When I didn't respond, he shook his head as he started to say, "I assure you his family isn't the type to betray---"

"You thought the same about Derek too but look how that turned out." I rubbed my jaw, growing irritated with the passing second.

"I am allowing you to take Derek with you---"

"You're allowing me?" I growled, his words ticking me off. "You have no say in my decisions. Be grateful I am holding this conversation with you instead of burning your pack to ashes for hiding a Revolutionist in it." I spat the words out, letting him know his stand on this.

Alpha Oren sat up straighter and faced me with an annoyed look on his face. "You don't threaten my pack when you're in my pack grounds." He growled back lightly. I saw the tightening of his hands as he tried to hold himself back. "I have clearly stated, I wasn't aware about Derek being a part of the Revolutionist and where our allegiance lays, Alpha King."

"And you claim yourself to be an Alpha?" I tuanted, leaning forward on the couch, my voice deadly low. "You weren't even aware of what was happening right under your nose, in and around you pack."

My words had him stiffening, his eyes turned to slits and he gnashed his teeth together.

"Alpha King or not, I won't tolerate any disrespect." Alpha Oren faced me squarely. His bravery and pride amused me as well as made me respect him more but he was stupid to not acknowledge who he was standing up against.

"What I said was just words but someone from your pack disrespected you through his actions- loud and clear, what are you going to do about that?" I taunted cocking a brow his way.

His nostrils flared at my words and I watched him breathe in deeply a couple of times before opening his mouth to respond. "He betrayed the pack and everyone, what turn his fate will take, I will leave it up to you." He said the words void of any emotion but I could sense his displeasure, he was forcing himself to say it.

I got to my feet, ready to head out. Despite my dislike towards Alpha Oren and his ways to run the pack, he wasn't someone who'd betray once he had pledged his loyalty. Though I was still certain he wasn't fit to run a pack, he was someone who was respected and looked up to by his pack members.

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