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Ever heard of a Romanian mathematician name Stefan Mandel? In his time, he was known as Lottery man. Because he used a simple law of maths to win the lottery jackpot worth $27,036,142. He was a statistician and was natural with numbers. He developed his own algorithm named "number-picking-algorithm" for predicting the 5 numbers out of 6 numbers, making the odds relatively lower. After that, he took a big risk of purchasing a bulk of lottery tickets with the combinations generated by his algorithm. He also involved his friends and family in his plan as he needed cash to execute his plan. His algorithm and risk paid off as he managed to win the first prize worth $19.3 K. Well, it wasn't the end of his journey, rather we can say that he started off his journey from there. This incident made him realize some important things about lottery games.

He realized that in some lottos, the total number of tickets sold was lower than the jackpot itself. So he targeted a lotto with a higher payout. After this Mandel came up with a full-fledged plan. He formed a functional syndicate of small investors to cover the expenses of equipment required and other tasks as well. To automate the printing of the tickets, he installed printers and computer systems to print every possible combination, not skipping even a single possible combination. The had a limited time period for printing and purchasing every single possible combination before the draw is held. So they needed the automated lab to print the tickets mechanically. Well, the day came and they won the jackpot worth $27 million which was a great amount at that time.

Throughout the 1980s, they managed to win 12 lotteries worth $400 K across the UK and Australia. During the year 1987, he managed to bag a big cash prize worth $1.3 million and walked away with 97K after paying the taxes and other expenses of the investors. But his winnings did not go unnoticed and the lottery associations took some great steps to prevent recurrence. They changed the format of the games, increased the pool of the numbers, hence the odds also increased making it impossible to gain a profit. Mechanically printed tickets are not accepted anymore.

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