Chapter 27: The City's In Danger. Go Save It.

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Ryn had expected fear. She had even expected hesitation.

But she could never, in a hundred years, have expected a point-blank refusal.

From all of them....

She had just managed to draw them all downstairs, gathered around the lounges. In fact, just a few moments ago, they had almost looked eager to hear what it was she had to tell them.


Now they were in some form of an uncredited uproar.

'Ryn, you honestly can't expect us to go back out there!' Jasper was almost shouting. 'You saw what they were about to do to us the last time we were standing out in the open!'

'This isn't about what they'll do to us! This is about what he'll do to them!' She replied, her shock at their fear-derived apathy transforming into something more closely resembling frustration.

Here they were.... The Legacies. Well, most of them, at least.

The mutants whom would, one day, bring a century's worth of peace to the city.

And they weren't even going to take a step outside to save the people...

This wasn't what happened.

This wasn't supposed to be what happened....

And yet it was happening, right there in front of her.

The Legacies would risk their lives for the citizens of The Lights. They were heroes, through and through.

When she had first gathered them, only days ago, now, she had seen such a spark of determination within them all. That spark she had always imagined when she read about them as a young child.

Where had that spark gone?

Had fear drowned it out, already?

No, there had to be a way to breathe it back to life.

She's done it before, she can do it again.

'What happened to being heroes...?'

'I'm all for saving the city and whatnot,' Jackson retorted, 'but I'd rather like to stay alive, myself, if you don't mind.'

'And leave them to die?' She breathed, her shoulders sagging.

'No,' his face heated up. 'Of course not, it's just...'

'We can't just sit in here, hiding with our tails between our legs, and expect this threat to go away on its own.'

'What else can we do, Ryn?' Kiley's expression was pleading. 'We have two enemies out there; the Silver Scorpion and the people. We're not fighters. We're just mutants...'

'Which is more than what the people have got.' She countered, trying to stand a little straighter underneath the weight of everyone's adversity. 'We're the only ones who know what's coming for them. We're the only ones who can stop it. Stop him...'

'How?' Elizabeth also rose to her feet, her head tilted to one side with an apologetic glance, arms folded. 'Like Kiley said, we're not fighters. The only experience any of us have had in terms of confrontation is running away. That's what we do. That's what mutants have always done. It's the only way we've survived for so long...'

'Times are changing,' Ryn pressed. 'And if it's survival you want, then first we need to change with it. This new threat won't just stop at the human citizens. He's going to target us all. The best we can do is stand up against him.'

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