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I sat in the living room with my knees pulled up to my chest. I hated that I was jobless. I didn't even get my last paycheck. I hate this! And I can't even face David and tell him that I got fired and that I'm jobless. How the hell am I gonna pay this months rent?

The doorbell rings suddenly and I glance at the door, wondering who was even at the door. I didn't call David or anybody for a fact. I get up from the couch and walk over to the door. I stand behind it and crossed my arms, feeling a nervous chill run down my back. i need to adjust the A/C in here.

"Who is it?" I ask through the door.

"It's Josh." I furrowed my brows and drop my arms, unlocking the door and seeing Josh giving me a small smile.

"I bought food." He says holding a bag of In N Out. I allow him entrance and he walks over to the living room, setting the bags and drinks on the coffee table.

"I heard Joe fired you today." He says. I roll my eyes at his comment.

"News spreads around fast there, huh? Something I don't miss." I scoff.

"So it's true." He says. I look at him and nod my head.

"Yeah." I softly say.

"All because of David, huh?" He asks.

"Yeah." I nod my head.

"Joe sorta has a point, Lauren." He says.

"Of course you'd agree with her. I didn't expect you to disagree." I sigh.

"I don't fully agree with Joe." He says.

"You don't?" I ask him. He shakes his head.

"It's not entirely your fault that these kids just wanna get in contact with that guy." He says.

"I guess not." I shrug.

"It's David's. That's his name. Isn't it?" He asks.

"Why is it David's fault?" I question him.

"He's got you on his YouTube channel that shows some pretty fucked up shit, Lauren. That puts a bad name and reputation on you." He says. I shake my head at him.

"David hasn't done anything wrong to me. I allowed him consent to have me on his YouTube channel." I frown at him. Josh nods his head.

"So what are you gonna do about your rent?" He asks. I shrug my shoulders and pick up the drinking cup, taking a sip.

"Are you gonna talk to David about it?" He asks.

"I don't know." I say.

"Are you gonna tell him to take you off his channel?" He asks.

"What? No." I frown.

"Are you gonna ask David to lend you some money for rent?" He asks.

"I don't know." I sigh, beginning to feel irritated.

"Are you just gonna move in with David? Will David even be nice enough to let you stay with him?" He asks.

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