Vacation spot

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-Mexico! (Either Cabo or Cancún)

-Finn loves swimming in the beautiful blue ocean with you and drinking "non alcoholic" drinks ;)

-He loves the food and he thinks it's hot how you speak a little espanol ;)))

-you guys always come back with some MEGA tans and clear minds

-doing extreme shit is a must

-France (Either Paris or Nice)

-you always go to landmarks and fancy restaurant

-and you stay in those super beautiful hotels that everyone's too broke to stay in 😂

-your favorite thing to do in France is eat and shop lmaoo

-you've actually made some good friends out there and they're teaching you and Jae some French

-Israel (Jerusalem or Tel Aviv)

-you go on all kinds of cruises and night parties

-trying the food is a must! As well as looots of pictures

-just being super cringe-y tourists

-speaking Arabic horribly! Yay!

-^ you make the others laugh so can't be too painful to hear

-Switzerland (Lucerne or Zermatt)

-Wyatt loves the cheese and chocolate there lmao that's like.. the #1 reason for going

-y'all love skiing, sledding, and ice skating all that snow shit 😂

-you really like the people there, and how kind they are

-y'all love how cute and cozy it is there, every cabin you stay in HAS to have a hot tub

-^TATBILB and Riverdale cabin episode who?

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