Chapter Twenty-Seven.

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"So what's the plan FP?" I asked as I sat around the campfire alongside Betty, Jughead, Fangs, Toni, Cheryl and Sweet Pea.

"We know that the Ghoulies want payback for a lot more than you surviving Dani however right now you are our number one priority." FP spoke as I heard Jughead murmur under his breath.

"Well I mean you AND the gargoyle king, the drugs and this psychotic game Dilton and Ben were playing before they died." 

I rolled my eyes slightly despite the fact that I completely agreed however I was feeling extra moody today and felt like I could break down crying at any moment.

"Yeah okay Jughead let's just add ten times more stress onto the six month pregnant woman over here." I huffed with a rather harsh tone to my voice as I leant back on the camp-chair slightly trying to stretch out my back. Without another word spoken Sweet Pea dived up and started gently massaging my back before softly whispering to me.

"Play nice princess." Huffing once more I came to realise that I had been a little harsh to Jughead, it wasn't his fault that an entire gang was looking to kill us all and take my baby, well I mean not his full fault anyway.

"Sorry Jughead, my emotions are like a massively insane ball of intensity right now. It's not your fault and trust me everything else that's going on is insane I'm just worried about my family as you are." Jughead smiled as he accepted my apology.

"You know I haven't held anything against you during your entire pregnancy. I've heard it can be stressful with a normal life let alone one of a gang life." Jug winked at me as I just rolled my eyes thinking of how great it would have been raising this child with Sweet Pea out of gang life. 

"Back to the plan?" Cheryl asked impatiently as Toni nudged her slightly.

"Right. The plan. We tried taking out the Ghoulies and instead of getting rid of them they got rid of us. A takeover is not going to work as there's so little of us. The Ghoulies are thriving off their drug trade, we need to find a way to run that down." FP spoke as we all sat around shooting suggestions at him, some were complete nonsense, others were somewhat more realistic however none actually seemed to be perfect.

"Okay I'm all out of ideas and energy. We're off to bed." I heard Sweet Pea say softly as he nudged his shoulder slightly where I had rested my head and was slowly dozing off. 

"Hhmm? Oh right, sleep." I mumbled as everyone chuckled softly and bid us goodnight, they insisted on staying up to brainstorm more ideas however all I could think about was bed. 

I felt strong arms underneath my legs as Sweet Pea picked me up and carried me to our tent.

"Look at me babe I'm so strong carrying two people right now." Sweet Pea flirted casually as he winked at a tired me.

"Hmm the strongest." I smiled weakly as I felt him lay me down softly on the bed. We had upgraded to an actual mattress courtesy of Cheryl since Toni had moved in with Cheryl. "This bed is the comfiest thing ever." I smiled softly as Sweet Pea took my shoes off for me and helped me get changed.

"Compared to an airbed yeah it's comfy." Sweets laughed at my exhausted/delirious state.

"It's comfy but you're comfier." I mumbled as I lay back on the bed and attempted to pull the covers over my giant bump.

"Gosh you never fail to crack me up when you're tired. Even now you look like a goddess." Sweet Pea spoke softly as he got into the bed next to me, his arm immediately going around my bump and making me smile at him. I leant over softly to face him as I softly kissed him on the lips.

"We're so lucky to have you in our lives." I spoke as I nodded down to my giant stomach.

"That's wrong. I'm the lucky one here. I get to wake up next to the both of you every day and fall asleep with you every single night. I know this isn't the ideal living situation but I promise we will have a house soon, or at least something that resembles a house." Sweet Pea spoke as he kissed me softly on the head.

"We're almost there. We could get an apartment somewhere here on the Northside, or maybe even ask Mr. Andrews I'm sure he needs the company after Archie was sent away." I tiredly spoke as my voice became more and more drawn out. 

"Maybe beautiful maybe. We can figure all of that out tomorrow. You and our little man need to get some sleep." Sweet Pea pulled me close as we got ready to sleep.

"Little man hey? I hope it's a girl, I'd love to spoil her as much as you spoil me." I whispered back as I felt Sweet Pea lean over me to turn off our camp-lamp. 

"I just hope they're happy and healthy with us. We're going to be those cool parents who are fun to hang out with and who let our child have a life but we'll also make sure they're being safe, safer than we have been." Sweet Pea's voice ran through my ear as his chin rested in the nook of my neck.

"I'd love to call our child Charlie, it's been my favourite name for as long as I can remember and I honestly think it would suit either a boy or a girl." I mentioned softly as I dozed off more than I had before.

"Charlie it is then princess. Sweet dreams." Soft lips pressed against my neck making me smile once more before I fell into a peaceful sleep with the love of my life by my side. 

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