Chapter 13| Please, save me.

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Three years ago

Third Person's P.O.V

Nothing could contain the grief that Faith felt.

The whole world seemed to be against her, leaving her alone, why? Why would her own eyes betray her and see what she had seen? A knife through her chest would have caused less pain than seeing her only friend get along with the boy that has caused her to fear her own shadow, and trust no one.

Her tired eyes lifted for one more time to see Annabelle walk infront of her, her short black strands covering her face slightly as she walked towards her locker, her dark eyes wandered around until they landed onto hazel ones, both girls staring at each other.

Both eyes' reflected pain and longing, but neither of them could confront other, however, as soon as that brief moment of contact Faith's view of dark eyes was blocked by a back, the set of messy brown hair and broad shoulders hid her friends smaller frame behind them.

She watched as he confronted her, smiled at her, laughed with her, and the more she watched this the more she felt like depression was getting to her head, she was falling deeper, and deeper; her bully, the one who makes her life more unbearable day by day, laughing with her friend, touching her friend, but that's not what hurt her the most-

She laughed back.

Faith's mind became darker and more foggy each passing second, moment, hour, day, marks painted her body, the hand that's supposed to caress her only fell apon her with harsh weight, and the classmates that should laugh with her, only laugh at her.

Her body was tired, mentally, physically, there's no escape, there's no way out, there's no one to save her.

So she hugged her knees to her chest, her fresh wounds throbbing and raw from her mother's drunk episode all over again, and this time she was grateful that she didn't bring one of her men with her.

The bags under her eyes became heavier as she closed her eyes, her tears slipping down her cheeks, her lips moved as small prayers danced along with her breath.

God, I can't take it.

It's painful.

Please, save me.

I can't do it.

I want to leave.

She continued to comfort herself under the slight light of the moon that crept through her broken blinder.

Annabelle's dark eyes shined slightly as she gazed through her balcony at the dark sky scattered with stars, both girls longed for each other but both of them couldn't understand each other. Faith hid the truth from Annabelle, and Annabelle continued to hurt her friend because of the ignorance of what she never knew.

But she was about to know.

Very soon.


"What- what do you mean you can't find him?!"

Shouts grew louder in the Black's household, her mother's fierce argument causing her to run downstairs, her feet making loud noise on the stairs as she headed towards the commotion, "He hasn't returned for five hours now, and his school ended seven hours ago!"

Annabelle landed on the last step as she watched her mother stand infront of her pissed father, he ran his tattooed hand through his inked hair, looking back down at his angry wife, "I drove everywhere, and asked the neighbors around but no one has seen him." He muttered quietly, yet rage and frustration were evident in his dark orbs as he pulled his black strands between his fingers.

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