Chapter 34

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''I beg your pardon?'' Taehyung puts a hand to his chest, feigning hurt. ''It was actually Jisoo who insinuated today's disruption, not me sir''

You silently scoff. Who knew Taehyung could be so professional? (A/N: cuz he a fucking intellectual sjajkaks)

''Very well'' Hitman Bang nods. ''Bring Jisoo too''

Moments later, Jisoo appears, popping her head at through the door. ''You called me?''

You are all seated at a table, Hitman Bang sitting across you. His aura permeated dominance in a threatening way, obliging everyone to fall quiet.

''I know you're all from the supernatural category'' he begins, his eyes scanning you all vigilantly. You notice Taehyung's mouth open in shock, but he quickly closes it with a gulp. ''And that's fine. We've had people like that before''

''But it is interfering with school life and you are constantly disrupting lessons'' his fingers intertwine together as he leans his elbows on the table. ''So from here on out, you four will be placed in isolation until you behave yourselves'' he finishes, leaving you all in shock.


''Can you believe it?'' Taehyung moans after returning home. ''They're putting me in isolation! With the two love birds!''

''And me'' Jisoo pops from behind, not as disappointed.

Yoongi eyes Jimin and Jungkook, who munch on some crisps. ''How did you two get away?''

''I dunno'' Jungkook responds, shrugging. ''I'm pretty well behaved''

''Sure you are'' Jimin scoffs sarcastically.

Taehyung huffs, his features contorted to an irritated pout. Charging out the room, he slumps himself on the stairs outside to clear his head. The cold icy air blew through him like mist, rustling his hair and chilling his bones. Fallen leaves of red and brown drift through the air in motion, signifying the darkness that was to come.

It was soon nightfall...meaning he had to drink. He clutches his stomach and sighs, his body yearning for blood but his mind restraining it.

When he hears footsteps nearing him, he cranes his head only to see Jisoo.

''hi'' she mutters, plopping down beside him, dangerously close. ''what's wrong?'' she asks, her fingers brushing against his thighs.

''I'm kinda hungry'' he whispers in silky admittance. Leaning his face on the upturned palms of his hands, he sighs again and gazes into the distance.

''Try not to think about it'' Jisoo suggests.

His eyes lit with flaming intensity flutter closed. ''...I'm trying''

She nods, gazing at the side profile of his perfectly sculpted face. Then slowly, her hand begins to edge towards his thighs, caressing it gently.

He tilts his head, watching her hand move up and down his thigh. ''...what are you doing?''

She licks her lips, almost seductively, and pushes him onto the ground. Staring into his startled eyes as she looms above him, she leans in to whisper- ''Helping you forget about it, or her-'' and she crashes her lips onto his.


''So when are we gonna mate?'' Jackson asks you, a playful tone lacing his voice. ''Let's make cubs''

''pft'' you respond, rolling your eyes. ''In your dreams''

''By the way...'' he looks up, suddenly serious. ''Jisoo came by in school...she wanted to drink again''

''So...? Did you let her?''

''Yeah, I had to'' he sighs. ''It's like...she's addicted to my blood''

You scoff at the familiarity. ''She ain't the only one. Both Taehyung and Jisoo...'' your voice trails off, eyes widening. ''We're stuck with them in isolation too...they'll eat us!''

A knock on the door suddenly disrupts your conversation.

''At this rate...yes. Taehyung will eat you. So how about a friendly negotiation? Give him your blood willingly every day, and he'll remain in control'' Namjoon's lovely face greets you at the door, his full lips stretched into a deadly smile.


So here you were in their living room, acquiesced to give him your blood once again.

Most of the members had left the room, leaving only you, Taehyung and Namjoon in the room. Jackson and Jisoo were insisted they leave the room along with the rest.

''I'm watching, don't worry'' Namjoon stands in the distance, looking down at his phone. ''Make it quick''

As you awkwardly sit on the couch next to him, he avoids your gaze and looks everywhere except you. Rolling up your sleeves, you extend an arm forward. ''hurry up'' you say.

''I don't need it''

''Shut up and drink''

''Make me''

Namjoon shoots him a glare, and he sighs, shifting his gaze to your arms. He gulps, his iris darkening at the skins proximity, and licks his lips in the most erotic way you've ever seen.

Then baring his fangs, he leans in and takes a luscious bite, sending tingling swirls of electric through you like currents. Wincing slightly, his fangs inject deeper like daggers, the soft brush of his hair tickling your skin.

''Tae stop-'' you breathe out, and he retreats immediately, covering his mouth with the back of his hand. ''sorry'' he looks away.

You simply wince and nod, getting up to leave. ''I'll be going now'' you tell Namjoon, leaving through the door.

Taehyung's hooded gaze lingers on the back of your form as you walk away, a flaming spark of intensity beginning to ignite. But when you disappear, he looks away, the sparkling ebony of his eyes turning as black as his soul.


''Hey'' Jackson calls as you walk out their house. ''How'd it go?''

''Okay'' you respond, looking to the ground. He tilts your face so his gaze locks with yours. ''Listen...'' he begins.

''You giving him your blood changes nothing'' he says, looking into your eyes. ''You won't  catch feeling for him again''

Then he crashes his lips onto yours, his arms snaked around your waist. ''I'll make sure of it'' he sagely declares when he lets go.

As you two leave the premises and walk away, a figure behind the trees watch you silently, fury engraved into their eyes. ''Jackson and Taehyung...they're both mine'' she huffs. ''I'll make sure of it ''

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