14 | Chapter Fourteen

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Beasts of loyalty.

It's been almost two months, and the rain had finally stopped pouring onto the campus. A new ray of sunshine spilled into the nooks of the campus, giving life to the flower gardens that surrounded Connor, who sat in the courtyard in front of the dorm facilities. Birds chirped like it was the first day of spring, students basked in the warmth that surrounded them, and pollen shifted about in the light breeze. The yellow substance entered his sinuses, creating a massive sneeze to erupt around him. Such a noise frightened his little arazel, who decided to conjure itself up to be a thorn in Connors side.

"Damnit you shouldn't be around!" But no matter how loud or how demanding Connor was with his familiar, it refused to listen.

The small canine then rummaged around his bag, snatching up all the information he had gathered upon the blood moon amulet. Such info was vital, telling him that the charm uses a lot of magical energy to be used. The parchment which held such knowledge was now in shreds, making Connor clench his teeth in anger.

"That took me days to find," yelled Connor, making the small wolf whimper in sadness. Its eyes began to glisten from the water fountain near them. Its ears looked more droopy than before. Staring at the docile creature made him feel slightly wrong, sighing at its mopey little face.

"Can you just please—"

Suddenly, the little runt's ears shot up in the excitement and his big round eyes widened. The dorm door near them creaked open, causing the small arazel to shoot off towards the person on the other side.

"Get back here you damn—"

But before he could reach the small puppy, it began to attach itself on someone's laces.

"Hey you," shouted a slightly peeved female. "Get off!"

Connor had no choice but to step in, running towards his arazel, scooping it off the ground and forcing it to release the laces. The pup had a firm grip on the thin material, which sounded like they were about to snap in half. When it refused to behave, a fierce bark echoed all around them, which made the little pup let go.

He swung the wolf in his arms as it whimpered in the crook of his neck. Connor couldn't help but sigh in disappointment, softly rolling his eyes.

"Annoying runt," he muttered, shifting his gaze towards the one who had the pleasure of having their laces invaded. Macey. She lowered her face down at Connors tiny arazel, clutching at her backpack before letting out an apologetic sigh.

"Aw, I'm sorry little guy," hummed Macey, looking down at her giant beast of a familiar. "Snowpea! You were way too scary! The nerd-only has a pēpi familiar."

Her arazel lowered its nose at the ground. It's highly perched ears becoming droopier than usual. Macey shook her head like a disappointed mother, wagging her finger in the same manner.

Connor suppressed the urge to snicker, letting his arazel run around his ankles, while glaring down at Macey. Her soft brown eyes were like pools of honey, glimmering in the midday weekend sun.

"Whatcha doing?" asked Macey, screwing his nose at him. He sneered, scratching the back of his neck, feeling his cheeks becoming warmer each second that ebbed past them.

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