No. ~ Bucky, Tony, Rohdey, Sam

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White Flag- Bishop Briggs

You are a sharpshooter for a small, native Italian Assasin Unit or IAU. After being hired by Tony Stark to keep him, Rohdey, Sam, and Bucky safe while traveling, the begin to like you.


" And here she is, Quiet. The infamous sniper for the IAU." Mr. Stark loudly announces.

" Ya'sure?" Mr. Wilson says. He quickly looks down and apologizes. You smile. A fierce grin.

" Yes. I would say nice to meet you except it's not," you switch my weight to your right leg. You are wearing dark brown clothing. It is somewhat forming fitting, but breathable in the Mediterranean heat. Your gun, Snap, is tucked between your shoulder blades. " Where are we going that requires my presence and my fees."

" The Black Hole." Mr. Stark says.

You release a breath. " Mhhmmm, right, okay. I would say that's worth what you're paying. Why?" The Black Hole is run by a large mob. They lure people into their different clubs and then sell them for whatever buyers want.

" Fun." You lift my eyebrow as if to say: I'm going to need more info. "Official Avengers Work."

A satisfied smile. " Good. Shall we?"



I can not deal with Bucky for a second longer. He is checking out this chick who could end up having us trafficked. And on top of that, he isn't even trying to hide it. Plus, he stole my banana earlier so now I'm just pissed. Both at him and Tony for dragging my hot ass all the way out here.

Bucky clears his throat. I look up from my phone and stand up away from leaning against the car, and nearly drop my phone.


Talia. Is. Just. Wow. To get into the clubs you have to wear clothes within their rules. Dresses above the knee, no sleeves, no turtle necks, and only high heels. Talia is wearing a dark lavender dress that stops mid thigh and has a neckline that stops just between the beginning of her crevice. Her gold skin glows in the dusk light. She has blacks heels that make it look impossible to walk and yet she does; with that same feral grace.

" Stop ogling and start opening my car door. Here in Italy, we at least try to be civil." She flatly states before Rohdey opens her door theatrically." Thank you."


Boys have not changed since you were a girl. They still stare at the skin and drop at legs. Too bad. Mr. Wilson was getting on your good side.

Hours later you are watching the four men have a good time. From your point of view, at the small table in the VIP alcove, Tony is the leader but Bucky is seriously competing. But they're both drunk and hitting on girls so you don't feel too bad.

Many men have tried to hit on you tonight but you know better than to take it as anything more than a compliment. They are not good enough for you.

"Talia come join us!" Mr. Wilson yells with a drink in his hand.

"It is not my job!"

" I thought we were friends. Isn't this what friends do?"

" No." You cross your legs for the seventh time. " Not happening.

" Please--"

" Oh for goodness sakes! I'll double it if you get on the dance floor!" Tony yells over the music.

Double? Double...double. Double!

You get out there and dance the night away. You talk with the boys laugh, smile, dance. Mr. Barnes begins to dance on you once, though it was drunk, you let him have his fill before grabbing a drink yourself. Later when you drive them back to the airport(five hours away), and they are all passed out. You think to yourself.

That was unusually fun. Dancing was fun. Laughing was fun. Euphoria was fun.

Perhaps I will miss them.

And when you took them to the gate and they got on their private jet, Tony looked back and waved. Just as you got the transaction Notice for 800,000. Triple what you asked for.

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