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At last. Michael could go back to California. All the interviews and all the work had finished for the moment. He was tired of answering the same questions in so many places, and not having almost time for himself and his affairs. His work could be great on many occasions, but a tremendous problem in others ... He was back in California. Your first goal: meet Lexi. I had an infinite desire to see her and embrace her as if there were no tomorrow. He could not wait to call her, but first he wanted to settle down a bit in his house. He stayed with his brother Tito to chat a little, to clear and let off steam from so much work with a brother. When Tito arrived at his house, they started talking. I wanted to cheer up Michael a little, he looked exhausted from so much work. Michael told his brother that he had to call Lexi so he could stay with her as soon as possible. Despite having called him frequently, he missed having her near him, laughing, hanging out, as they usually do. Tito seemed to realize that Lexi was much more important than he believed for Michael. When he talked about her, he did not seem to care about anything else. He had her as a remarkably important person in her life. Tito asked Michael if he happened to want Lexi as more than a friend. He knew everything that had happened, they had been dating, etc ... But after all it never seemed to disappear that deep feeling they had. Michael did not really want to spoil things. It was true that he was not able to forget about Lexi and he could not love her just as a friend, but for now the best thing was not to hinder things. Tito was a little doubtful. Would he be able to stand for so long without telling Lexi what he really feels? They decided to go for a drink before Tito went home, so they spent some time at a bar near Tito's house. . While they were drinking, Tito, who knew that soon Michael would stay with Lexi, asked if they had already talked about what happened while she was not there. Michael was nervous about the subject. They had not had occasion, in truth he had not seen the right occasion to tell him. Upon hearing that, her brother recommended that she not delay in talking to her so that there would be no repercussions and she understood that he was right ... Michael came home prepared to call Lexi. He went to his room, and dialed his number. As soon as he heard his voice over the phone, a smile appeared on his face. Lexi replied very nice with a question, and Michael finally told him he was back in Sacramento, ready to stay when he wanted. Lexi was very happy to see him at last. He was already getting a little bored. They agreed to stay the next day in the afternoon, and after sending a big hug, they hung up their call. Lexi went running to tell Becca that Michael was already back in the city, so they were happy a lot. Becca knew she had missed him. In fact it almost seemed that he was the boyfriend instead of the friend. That seemed funny to Lexi, but he really knew that Michael was not a simple friend, but the important thing was that he was already there again ... The next day Lexi and Michael were as agreed. Michael went to look for Lexi to his house and together they went for a walk in the park. They bought ice cream, they walked through the park, they spent their time amusingly. Michael was walking when he felt that some water was falling on him. For a moment he thought it was beginning to rain, but then he could see that it was Lexi, pretending to play a joke on him with water. They ended up getting wet like two small children ... After spending the afternoon laughing, they went to a meadow that was part of the park. There they lay down to continue talking. Michael was considering talking about what his brother had advised, but decided to wait. First of all, he wanted to make it clear to Lexi that in whatever way he wanted her with all his heart, and he would always love her. It does not matter from where, I was never going to forget about it. Lexi got a little nervous, but did not deny that she felt the same. Lexi wanted to stand up when one foot failed her and she stumbled, falling practically on Michael, staying very close to him. Their faces were getting closer and closer, giving way to a very intense moment, almost about to kiss ...

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