Hey, Guys.

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Hi everyone ^^

So, I decided to post this here 1) because you all still have this in your libraries and stuff and you check it regularly(?) and 2) because I unpublished the other thing and I don't want you all to get a shit ton of updates because I had to republish it so I could get this message out.

It is with a heavy heart that I am here to say that I will be permanently deleting Sing His Name (the sequel to this story.)

I'm sorry if this hurts anyone's feelings, and if you're going to be upset with me please understand something first: that book was going almost absolutely nowhere. Not only have I updated it ONCE in over TWO YEARS, but it is literally a retelling of THIS book, NOT a continuation. Everything that would be happening in that story is exactly what's going on in here; a boy following his dream in order to become something great.

I feel that if I were to keep that story up, it would just be a recantation of this one, and it would get really boring before it was over. With that being said, I have absolutely made the final decision that the book will be deleted immediately following this message.

I really hope you all understand, and I'm sorry if anyone is upset by this news. This is just the best thing for the legacy of this story.

Thank you
- Alé ❤️

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