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once my sandwich and tea were finished, i decided to be a good sport and pick up after me. placing all the dirty dishes on top of each other, i made my way to the counter and put them there, hoping for someone to pick them up.

"you could've just left those on the table" a voice giggled behind me, to which i whipped myself around — subtly alarmed.

the waiter from before stared at me with enamored eyes, the same glimmer present but this time, he wasn't trying to hide it anymore.

"I didn't want you to waste your time running to a table for a cup and plate" i said, my voice laced with charm. i might as well give him the benefit of the doubt.

"that's very kind of you," he smiled and paused, "but i get paid to do this"

though he wasn't trying to be mean, a part of me thought i had offended him.

"im sorry i ju-" i began but he cut me off with a chuckle

"im kidding, im kidding," he laughed yet the embarrassment of not having the joke send was evident, "im glad some people in this city know their manners"

"rare but we exist" i replied as i watched him lean on the counter next to me.

he was flirting and he was trying to make it obvious.

"yea you do seem like a rare person"

what the fuck is that supposed to mean

i raised an eyebrow, a smirk placed on my lips, " and what is that supposed to mean?"

though his expression said 'flirting and ready to get myself this man' you could tell by his body language; he was nervous about his answer.

"oh you know," he began, "not many people look that good that effortlessly"

you're so bad at this

i let out a loud chuckle and leaned against the counter — leaving very little distance between us, "im honored, especially since it's coming from someone as gorgeous as you are."

his face blushed pink with his head bowing down. he gazed at me through his lashes again, he was indeed gorgeous.

just as i was about to bring my hand to rest on his arm, a customer called out for service. "i should get that" he said and smiled at me.

i smiled back and nodded, slightly happy that this interaction was coming to an end.

however before leaving he glanced up at me with adoration, "how about," he started, "next time you come by you ask for me and i'll make you free tea"

free tea? fuck you capitalism.

"will do."

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