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" Good morning Maam,  can I take your order? " the fine young lad asks as she look at me.

" Can I have pancakes hot choco and fruits " I replied.

" Same for me "  Jennie said boredly.

" Jen? Are you mad at me? " I ask in a low voice.

" No nothing "

" Then why are you being like that? "

" What do you mean by that? " she rolled her eyes.

" You're acting cute " I said seriously.

" I'm just cute so shut up " she rolled her eyes but I noticed her blush.

I smiled widely and look at her.

" I like you " I said sincerely which made her blush more.

" I know " she acted like a bitch.

Our order came delivered by the same lady. She look at me and smiled,  I just look at her and said thank you.

She's taking her time on serving our food when Jennie spoke....

" Babe,  since this is our date why not take a picture of us ?  " she eyed the girl.

" Miss can you please take a picture of me and my girlfriend? This is our first morning date actually " she boasts.

She moved her chair beside me and took the cup of choco.

" Possessive " I whispered.

" Nope. Don't assume. I  just want to capture this moment"  she said showing her gummy smile which made us laugh.

The lad gave jennie her phone without saying a thing,  she didn't warned us that she will already take our picture.

" So what are your plans today? " she ask.

" Same thing,  look after you then go to class and Mr.  Kim told me to play basketball for the team so I'll be practicing later that means Chaeyoubg will look after you " I explained.

" No,  I'll come with you later " she dismiss the topic and continue eating.


We are now entering the campus when suddenky I bump into someone.

" I'm sorry " I said as I look at the girl.
Shock was written all over her face.

" Miss? " again I said.

" Oh— I- I'm sorry " she apologize then run away from me.  I don't think she's from here since she's wearing a different uniform.

" That's weird " Jennie said and hold my arm.

" Avoid bumping with others Manoban " she rolled her eyes again.

I just nod at her and starts to walk. We get in our classroom and seated.

" Good morning class we have a visitor today " a tall guy entered tge room and made me stand.

Everyone look at me weirdly especially Jennie.

" Miss Manoban,  come with me " he said with his authoritative voice.

" Yes sir " I said stiff and followed him.

We are now walking at the halls of our school making our way to Jennie's office.

He Open the door and we got welcomed by Mr.  Kim.

" Good morning Mr.  Kim " I greeted.

" Oh Lisa,  please take your seat and you as well Marco "

I just followed and took tge seat right beside Mr.  Marco.

Mr. Kim was about to speak when the door swang open.

" Jennie what are you doing here? " The two of them looked surprised.

" The question is why are you here dad?  And who is this guy? " she ask hurriedly.

" Not now Jennie ple— "

" It's okay Kim, I'm just here to take Lisa " Mr. Marco said that surprised me as well

" What do you mean?!  " Jennie asks again.

" Agent M is needed in our headquartes and we really should leave "

Does he know?  That I'm not my duplicate and I'm the ace?

I stood up and fix myself. " Lead tge way Sir " i said not looking at anyone.

I can feel the tension around us,  I don't know what's going on or why are thet acting this way.

" Lisa you can't leave " Jennie went to me and held my arm.

" Miss Kim I'll only say this once,  let go of my agent " and with that I left the room not minding them. I can hear Jennie asking her dad for answers.

I stop at my tracks and waited for Mr.  Marco.

" Let's  go " he said the I just followed him.

We are now driving our way back to the quarters.

" How was it? " He ask me while he's facing the window.

" Pardon? "

" You being able to be free " He ask in a calm way which is very strange.

" It's fine sir,  I'm still adjusting " I answered truthfully.

" And your subject, how was she? "

" She's— " I stop and think of Jennie.  I miss her already.

" Miss Kim is fine as well "

" Good to hear, when is your duplicate be fix? "

" Sooner or later Sir,  I'll update you.  My apologies for all of this " I said sincerely. Now reality hits me.  I can't be with Jennie.

I sigh deeply and let breath out to sweep my thought away.

" Do you like her? " he ask out of nowhere.

" Sorry? " I asked.

" Miss Kim,  do you like her? " now we are like having a casual conversation.

He is now facing me and I just look yat him with no emotions. Maybe he is just testing me and I can't give in,  he might throw me far from Jennie.

" No sir,  she's just my subject. "

" Is that so?  " he then averted her eyes.

" You should look after her more closely Agent M " he said in a harsh tone which made me look at him.

" You understand?!"

" Sir yes sir!  " I replied.


" Dad who is that guy?!  Amd why did you let Lisa leave just like that? " she said irritably.

" He's Lisa's Dad honey " Mr.  Kim said calmly.

He doesn't look like Lisa,  it can't be. There's something wrong.  He said and walk out the room.

Before Lisa's vehicle leave,  Jennie got tge chance to tail them.


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