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Welcome to Time Out. It gives me utmost pleasure to introduce you to a whole new world, which is going to be a crazy blend of genres. So you'll see a bit of humor, a bit of adventure, some major action and whole lotta historical fiction. Kindly note, if this is something that doesn't strike your fancy, I wouldn't recommend you to pursue my book. Your sincere feedback is most appreciated, all hate comments will be deleted as this is a safe platform for creativity and everyone should feel encouraged. I've spent a majority of time creating plotlines and brainstorming ideas for this book; it is a humble request from me-please do not be a plagiarist. I learn as I write so you'll find me frequently editing this book if not updating. I hope you give this book a chance just like I did.

I shall delay you no further and with open arms invite you to a new, thrilling adventure full of revelations, surprises, laughter and memories.

Bon voyage!

Discussions of racism and classism, dowry, mild swearing, kidnapping, abuse, pregnancy, death, brief mention of suicide; descriptions of violence warfare and corpses. There are resources to support you, please don't hesitate to reach me in case!

28th March, 2019

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Special thanks to teasiboni who provided a really constructive review that has helped me enhance and modify several aspects of my book. I was astonished to see Time Out score a 92/100 in the overall review! If you need help as an author, you need to drop this lovely human and life saver a text.

My thanks also goes to captainsdanvers for the marvellous cover. She couldn't have done a better job!

P.S I don't own any media used in this story. If you wish to have it removed, kindly PM me.

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