16 - The Last Gig

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Long chapter ahead.
Warning: highly suggestive scene. No smut.


Louis and Clem were on their way to the pub, which he would be preforming at. It was already well into the evening, with the summer sun setting soon. But, it meant for a nice evening for the couple.

"So, where is it that you're preforming?" Clem asked, looking over to her driving boyfriend.

"It's a little pub called The Flying Pig." He paused, "Creative name I must say." He finished, grinning to himself.

Clem raised her brows at the strange name. "That's a.. Weird name for a pub." Was her hesitate reply.

Louis laughed, stopping at an intersection. "Sure it is. But, it's easy to remember which equals more customers." He spoke, growing quiet to concentrate.

"Sure, I guess." She replied, bluntly.

Not long after their mini conversation, the car was pulling into a stand alone building just off the highway. It looked like a shack or cabin, made entirely from wood. It easily could pass off as a fishing hut, if near water.

"This looks cosy." Clem commented, checking out the building.

"Guess you could say that." Louis said, pulling into a parking space. "It's a nice atmosphere to preform in. And it'll be even better with my supportive girlfriend in there." He finished, glancing in her direction for a reaction.

"Shut up." She retorted. There was a faint pink hue radiating off her exposed ears, showing her true emotion. Louis smiled in satisfaction. Still got it.

After entering the small building, the environment quickly became obvious. There were lots of young people, dressed in all different styles. It was cool to see such a diverse range of people.
There was also some elderly people, which lived local to the place. It was their local pub to visit and drink. Not to mention, the weekly entertainment was decent - especially if Louis was preforming.

"That's Fred, the owner of this humble place." He said, pointing out an older guy with a beard.

Pointing to another guy, who's younger, Louis spoke again "And that's his son, Carl. He does all the sound checks and whatever. Cool guy." Clem just nodded,d trying to remember all of the names.

Introductions from a distance aside, Clem and Louis finally found a seat next to the bar. It was a cramped building, due to its sheer size. But, it was a cozy vibe. There was some quiet music playing in the background, but was overpowered by the loud chatter.

Not long after taking a seat, Louis and Clem were approached by Carl - the younger guy he pointed out earlier.

"Hey Louis, didn't know you were preforming tonight." Carl said, after getting closer to the table.

The dread head perked up at the greeting and said "Yeah, I am. Last minute thing." And continued with, "Good to see you again."

Grabbing his girlfriend's hiding hand, he pulled her forward and introduced her, "This is Clementine, my stunning girlfriend." He spoke, stealing a quick kiss.

"Hi there." She responded politely, while elbowing the dread head next to her for embarrassing her.

"Ah! So I finally get to meet the girl that Louis rambled on about so much." Carl spoke, as if he met a famous person. "Well, I'll get you set up and the show is all yours." Carl finished.

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