45: I love you

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"Look at my beautiful girl!" Scott gushed, sitting on the couch with Arden in his arms. I smiled and watched him baby talk with her until Wesley ran into the room with my parents and Kirstie close behind; a cute little backpack on his back as his curls bounced with every step he took.
"Hi daddy! Hi Sissy!" He squealed, climbing onto the couch to look at his sister.
"Say hi, Arden!" Scott gently lifted her arm and Wesley giggled. "How was therapy, buddy?"
"Good! We played ball!"
"He did great," Kirstie assured us, handing me Wesley's report for the day. "His hand eye coordination is a bit off, but the doctors think it'll get better over time,"
I nodded and thanked her for taking him to his physical therapy lessons. Wesley was doing great when Scott or I would take him, so we were a bit worried that us suddenly not being there would make him hate it. But Wesley's mood only seemed to get brighter when he got to hangout with Kirstie more often; his crush on her was beyond adorable.
"Daddy?" My toddler looked up at me. "Okay?"
"I'm okay, my love," I assured him. "Don't worry, handsome,"
He nodded. "See sister?"
"Isn't she pretty?"
He nodded again, "pretty!" He reached for his bag and pulled out the same toy truck he wanted to give her when we told him I was pregnant. I smiled as he showed Arden the toy and pressed the buttons on the truck, explaining to her what they did and how the truck worked. "Here you go, Arden," he rested the truck on Scott's arm. "Toy,"
Scott smiled, "She's a bit too young to play with toys, buddy, but we can keep the truck with her until she's old enough to play with it. We can put it in her bedroom at home, too."
"Do you want to hold her?"
Wesley nodded, sitting back and holding Arden with Scott's support. Our toddler just sat and watched his baby sister while Scott and I talked to my parents and Kirstie until mom, dad and Scott decided to take Wesley to get lunch downstairs in the cafeteria. Kirstie and I ended up staying back and talking while Arden slept peacefully in my arms; having just eaten, she was already knocked out and I was more than happy to get a few minutes of quiet.
Her little face looked exactly like Wes when he was born, but slimmer and more feminine. Her hair was sticking out from under her cap and even though she was swaddled comfortably, I could see her hands and feet moving under the wrap.
Since her birth a few days ago, she started to gain more facial features and we were starting to see what features she got from Scott, and which she got from me.
She really was perfect.
"Hey babe?" Kirstie started, causing me to glance up from Arden as she sat on the chair next to my bed, setting her cup of coffee on the table by us. "Can I— can I get your advice on something?"
"Of course." I shifted so I could see her better. "What's up?"

Scott PoV

"Daddy!" I smiled as Wesley ran over and waved around the toy Mitch's dad bought him, Mr Grassi chuckling as Wesley thanked him. "Look at my toy, daddy!" He giggled, "cool, huh?!"
"So cool!" I ruffled his hair.
"Share with Den!"
I nodded, "that's right, buddy. Very good," because Wesley had trouble pronouncing his R's, he resorted to calling Arden 'Den' and Mitch thought it was the cutest thing ever, so we decided to let him keep calling her that. He'd learn her name eventually so we weren't too worried about it. "Come here," I picked him up and hugged him close, "you are such an incredible big brother already, Wesley. We are so proud of you,"
"Yeah!" He replied, showing me his toy once more before demanding I put him down so he could show grandma.
I shook my head and watched him as he let his imagination soar; his curls bouncing on his head while he jumped around from bench to bench. We decided to come down to the cafeteria to give Mitch some time alone with Arden and Kirstie, and so that left me to entertain his parents and my father, who eventually joined us a few minutes later. Thankfully, the three of them got along really well, so all I had to do was keep an eye on the ball of energy that happens to be my son, while also adding to the conversation whenever I could.
I lifted Wesley onto my lap and as he played on my phone, I turned back to the conversation and joined in.
We eventually returned to Mitch's hospital room to find him standing by the edge of the bed, changing Arden's outfit. He looked up when we walked in, and I nearly grinned when I saw how incredibly gorgeous he looked. Mitch always looks so good.
"Hey there," he smiled, turning back to Arden. "Did you guys eat?"
"Yeaah," Wesley replied, climbing onto the bed and getting comfortable in Mitch's bed. "Den?"
"She's right here, love," Mitch replied, ruffling his hair.
I wrapped my arms around Mitch from behind, kissing his shoulder. "How are you feeling?"
"Tired," he sighed, leaning back against me as his mom spoke.
"Why don't we take Wesley home, then, and give you boys some time alone tonight? Tomorrow is your last day here, right?"
I nodded, "we get to leave tomorrow afternoon,"
"Perfect," she smiled.
Seth nodded in agreement, "we'll have lunch ready for you boys when you come home,"
"Thanks dad," I smiled and once we said goodbye to our son and our parents and Kirstie, Mitch decided to take a quick shower before getting into bed.
I changed Arden's diaper and cradled her close while she ate and eventually fell asleep in my arms. Mitchie and I were watching a movie and we're waiting for our dinner to arrive when Arden woke up in tears.
Mitch, being the super parent he was, was by her side in seconds and tended to her needs. I watched him rock her back to bed and when he glanced over, I found myself with a smile.
"What?" He asked, eyebrow raised as a cute little smile came to his cheeks.
"You are so beautiful." He rolled his eyes but his blush made me smile even more. "I love you, Mitch Grassi."
He glanced back over, his adorable smile causing my heart to skip a beat. "I love you too, Scott Hoying."


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