Tainted Sky

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"What the hell?!" Seth woke up as he dreamt of that unwanted past of his. Standing up, he looked beyond the horizon which was now a pale tint of orange. He shook his head as he remembered his dream, that damn old man will pay for everything damn thing he did. He thought. He was about to sit down when he suddenly heard some voices coming.

"Hey Seth! The ceremony is about to start! Come on!" a tall looking young man said in the distance. Seth turned to see who it was; it was Gale, his self-proclaimed best friend. He has the same height as he is fair skin and gentle green eyes. Unlike him who's a copper skin tone and have expressive black eyes. "Hey, you okay?" Gale asked as he stood beside him. This is the reason that makes him really popular to the girls at Magia academy. Gale's the type of guy who charms his way through a girl's heart with his kindness and good looks.

"Yeah, I'm okay." I started to walk back to the academy when Romina jumped in front of me from behind some trees.


"Hey, yourself."

"What?! You weren't even a bit surprised?" Romina pouted her lips.

"When you hide, lessen your breathing." He said and started to walk away followed by Gale.

"The sunset here is just amazing." Romina said making both Gale and Seth stopped. "Raguen is going to meet a new day tomorrow with new students at the academy." She turned around and smiled.

"The land of Raguen holds more secrets than beauty." Seth said mysteriously.

"You know what Seth," Romina walked towards where Seth and Gale is, "you sure do know how to ruin a moment."

"It's his special talent you know!" Gale jokingly said. He and Romina ended up laughing while Seth scowled at their jokes.

"Come on you buttheads let's go." Seth said and walked faster, that just made the two laughed even more.

The sound of the drums and trumpets echoed throughout the tainted sky of Raguen. Raguen's most prestigious school is having a welcoming ceremony for their new students. Magia Academy is an academy opened for all types of beings; wizards, knights and celestial beings. Everyone was gathered at the banquet hall where every student has been accommodated. One particular student was looking high and low and admiring the beautiful decorations of the hall. Silver tapestry with gold linings hung above high in the air. Their flowery designs mixed with dashes of butterfly made it all the more beautiful. Their Crystal chandeliers were as big as the giant doorways, lighting the room so splendidly. Aside from these chandeliers are royal blue candles that give out a mild light to the room. The carpets were soft and exquisite in design.

"Wow..." She said in amazement.

"Beautiful isn't it?" A curly haired girl about the same height as her with an English accent said. "This is the wealth of Magia Academy." The girl smiled.

"Really beautiful. Oh, hi! By the way I'm Sinclair Heartgold. And you are? " Sinclair said offering her hand she noticed how this girl has blue eyes.

"Tabitha Serano. I'm here for the knight division. What about you?" Tabitha took Sinclair's hands and shook it. She then led them to a circular table near the grand stage where all the professors and the council are.

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