15 - En Route to Home

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The adventures of summer were fresh in the minds of the group, but it was now time to go home. And home meant preparing for the next stage of their lives. Each teen in the group had their own plans, while some didn't even know what that plan was.

Marlon and Cam were meeting up in a few days time, back in Amsterdam. That meant there was only three teens returning at this current time.

Minerva, Vi's girlfriend, is still serving in the military and is on tour around several countries. That means she isn't home much, but still talks online with Violet.

Violet decided on carrying on with her grandmas business, which is in Virginia. It was a local bakery which she had helped out at several times over the last few years. As for thinking she was pregnant, it was also negative.

As for our favourite couple, Clem is heading off to university in California. The other side of the country from her home. She managed to score a full scholarship in England literature, which was her favourite subject.

Louis was a lost soul when it came to his career. He didn't like the job he just left, which was working in a mechanic shop. But, one thing he always stuck with was music. Singing, and playing the piano. So, that made him currently jobless and living with his parents and little sister at aged 19. But that's okay, because he's still young.

At the airport in London, waiting for their plane, the group were splitting apart now. Marlon was getting his separate flight, while everyone else got onto the USA flight.

Violet was the first to fist bump the mullet boy, since she wasn't big on hugs. "Have a safe flight and don't fuck this up, okay?" She said, smirking.

"Don't worry, I won't." He said in reply, matching her smirk.

"See you on the other side." Clem said smiling happily, giving Marlon a hug. For only him to hear, she whispered "Good luck with Cam. You deserve to be happy."

He appreciated the support from the small girl, since his family was not keen on the plans. "Thanks Clem. I hope you and Lou stay happy too, with you moving away and all."

Sadly smiling back, she said "Yeah, don't remind me."

Now it was Louis and Marlon.
"Bro, you are so whipped." Louis laughed at his long term best pal, slapping him on the shoulder playfully.

"Yeah, yeah. You were whipped well before me though." Now it was the blondes turn to laugh.

The dread head just rolled his eyes, not offended as it was true.

"Make sure you don't forget about me when you end up moving out here to be with her." Louis continued, half jokingly.

Marlon shoved him. "Shut up man. We've only just met."

Louis and Marlon both laughed at the silly behaviour and theories. Quietening down, the situation finally dawned on them both.
"So, I'll see you soon, yeah?" The tall dark skin boy asked, growing sad.

"Of course you will, dumbass." The blonde boy replied, one last time.

And with that, the best friends shared a hug before going their separate ways for an undisclosed amount of time.


Slight time skip of a few days.

Marlon had been in Amsterdam for about 3 days, which meant everyone else had been in Virginia for just short of 2 days. But, there was no more running from the truth.
Louis and Clem are in her bedroom, at the Everett family home. He agreed to help her pack her belongings. That included, clothes and personal items such as her favourite photos.

In his hand, was a framed picture from the night of prom. The couple were wearing their matching burgundy outfits, and looked happy. Truly happy.

Still observing the picture, Louis spoke up "You know, I have a show on Sunday just out of town in a small pub. I want you to come with me, before you leave on Monday for Cali."

Politely smiling, she replied "I'd love to Lou."

Louis grinned, speaking "It's you and me against the world, love." Adorable.

There was a slight silence over the teens in the room.

"How are you feeling about starting college then? You haven't really mentioned it recently." The boy asked, breaking that silence.

Clem shrugged, putting random stuff in a suitcase. "I don't know. It's gonna be weird, not being around everyone that I know." Her tone sounded flat, as if it was a dull chore.

"But you'll meet new people. Probably more exciting people too." He snorted, feeling slightly sour.

She sighed. "I guess so. But Cali isn't here. And that means it won't be the same."

Louis stood up and wandered over to his girlfriend. He intertwined their fingers, forcing her to look up at him. His eyes showed all of his unspoken emotions.

"Hey, don't be so negative about it. You were so excited a few months ago. Now it's finally happening, so you should be ecstatic." He forced a smile on his face, for her. "You're following your dreams."

His voice slightly cracked, and didn't bother to hide it either. But, the slight pool of tears in his eyes could not be ignored.

All of those emotions, if released, would just stop Clem from following her dreams. Which meant, Louis would happily suffer in silence if it meant she would be happy and do what she loved.
The last thing he would ever do is be selfish and hold back his girlfriend from her dreams.

He felt lonely, knowing she was leaving within a mere few days. He also felt abandoned, similar to when Erin moved away when they were kids. Not to mention, Louis also felt not good enough. Somehow blaming himself for her wanting to love away was easier than blaming her.

Clem could break his heart over and over, and still forgive her every time. Because, that's what you do if you love someone.

"I feel like I'm making a wrong decision." Clem finally admitted, out loud.

Louis furrowed his brows, entirely confused. He was thrown off from the admission. "What? That's stupid. This is the best chance you will have in your entire life, you cannot waste this Clem. Trust me, in a few years, you will thank me for making you do this. Even if it's the last thing I do, I'll make sure you get to California."

He grabbed her upper arms, getting her attention. She was looking straight in his eyes and knew he was dead serious. Louis had never been more serious looking. "Promise me, you will get on that plane on Monday."

"I promise."

But little did he know, she had crossed fingers behind her back. Clementine never broke promises, and that's what she always told her little brother. But this was one thing she was not so sure about.

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