Chapter 5

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It had just gone past 9am and most of my dads men and the company that surrounded then were past out where they sat. This was the life they lead? Drinking themselves into oblivion? I was currently sat at the bar wishing I was back home curled up on the sofa with a good book.

These past few days had really taken it out of me. I needed at least a days sleep before I even thought about heading home.

My mom hadn't moved from my dads lap except when she went to get him a beer. I guess it was so easy to fall back into bad habits.

"Ava why don't you go get some rest. You look exhausted baby" My mom spoke as she approached the bar.

Rolling my eyes I ran a hand down my face. How did we even get to this point? Why did I want to meet my dad so badly? I wish I hadn't come here because my gut told me I wouldn't get the chance to leave.

"Ava?" my mom snapped her fingers infront of my face "Go and get some rest I'll find a room for you".

"I don't need to rest" I lied "I need to get in my car and drive home" I mumbled watching my moms face drop.

"Later" She responded before grabbing a beer and heading back to my dad. She hadn't even been here one day and I could already see the changes in her. How was it so easy for her to fall back into his lap after everything she said about him? After everything he had done to her?

Taking a deep breath I slipped of the bar stool and strolled towards them. I really did need to sleep. "Where can I crash for a few hours?" I asked watching as my dads gaze fell onto me. It was crazy how much I looked like him but yet we were so different.

"Go straight down the hall, you can have the last room on the left. It's one of my boys but he won't be back until later" He spoke taking a long sip of his beer.

Nodding my head I turned on my heels and headed in that direction. Opening the door I looked around the room. Setting my eyes on the double bed I couldn't wait to climb in and forget today. Shutting the door behind me I started stripping of my clothes so I could take a quick shower I felt disgusting and probably didn't smell that great either.

Turning on the shower I gave it a few minutes to heat up before I climbed in. Once the water started pounding on my back a moan escaped my mouth as my muscles eased. Grabbing the shower gel I squeezed some onto my hand and began to wash my body. I hope whoever this room belongs to doesn't mind me using his stuff.

After standing under the shower and just letting the water hit my body I decided it was time to sleep. Turning it off I reached out for the towel and wrapped it securely around my body.

As I stepped out the shower I walked back into the room and went searching through some drawers. The boys seemed nice enough so hopefully the owner of this room wont mind me borrowing his clothes for a few hours.

Slipping on a t-shirt and some boxers I pulled the covers back and settled myself right in the middle of the bed. Pulling the covers up to my neck I buried my head into the pillows. I hadn't felt this relaxed in days. Letting out a peaceful sigh I could feel my eyes drifting shut. Just as I was about to fall asleep I heard the door open and close.

"You like that pretty little thing you're fucking? I suggest you don't let me down" He snapped slamming his phone down on the set of drawers.

Swallowing hard I knew that voice a mile off. Of course he would put me in Blazes room. I was officially going to kill my dad. So much for he won't be back till later. What the hell was I going to say?

Peeking up at him he had his back to me. Did he even realise someone was in his bed? Pulling the cover up I buried my head so he couldn't see my face and i could no longer see him.

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