Chapt.9 - The Camping Trip

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"Ryder! I'm so excited to go camping tonight!" Skye barked, as she did a little flip. She was wearing her camping outfit, along with Rocky too. "I can't wait to taste those s'mores..." Rocky sighs dreamily, as the two pups said in chorus "Mm... S'mores~"

Ryder laughs at how goofy and excited his two pups were. It was the first time he had let them go out of his side. Later, Mayor Goodway had arrived, she had greeted Ryder and asked for permission if the pups are ready to go "Hahaha! They sure are Mayor Goodway! They couldn't stop drooling over s'mores" he joked, as the four of them laughed.

"Alright you two, be a good pup with Mayor Goodway, okay?" Ryder said, laying down his golden rule on them. Rocky and Skye nodded, as a sign that they oath to be good pups with the Mayor "Then, you guys are set to go!"

"Come on pups! Follow me! Bye Ryder!" The Mayor waved goodbye, as the two pups barked goodbye, while Chickaletta cluck out for who knows what the reason is.

As the Mayor, the chicken, and the two pups slowly disappeared within the distance. Chase had caught up with Ryder "Ryder, are you sure they'll be fine by their own? With... Mayor Goodway? Out in the..." as he gulped on the last part "Woods?"

Ryder gave Chase a little scratch on his head "Don't worry Chase, they will" as he walked off to the other pups. The German Shepherd looked at Ryder, then to the distance, and sighs "I hope you're right..." he whispers to no one. As he walks to his friends to play.

With Skye and Rocky, they were still walking along the dusty paths of Adventure Bay to their camp site. "Rocky... I'm scared..." she whimpers, as Rocky gave her a sympathy smile "It'll be alright Skye. I'm sure we'll survive this night together, along with the Mayor and Chickaletta"

This had somewhat calmed Skye down "Heh, thanks Rocky. It's just, all new to me. Being separated from all the pups and Ryder. Especially Chase..." she muttered while walking. Rocky's ears perked up "Chase?" He asks in surprise and confusion.

"Ah? Did I say Chase? I mean cheese! Yeah! I'm gonna miss eating them, hehe!" she spoke those words out of nervous, and seems that she's trying not to rush her words, but her voice had failed her. "Since when were you in to eating cheese?" Rocky asks, smirking, as he knew Skye would always deny her feelings for Chase, besides, it's fun to tease Skye he thought.

Her eyes scanned rapidly around her surroundings "Uh... I started to like cheese the past few days! Haha! Yeah! Rubble shared me a piece of his cheese! And from then on, I love it!" she then finishes her statement with an odd smile.

Although, with her seemingly convincing story... Rocky wasn't. The past few months, he had finally figured out why she seems blue when they had their first mission. With Chase being gone, with her accidental mentions of him, and caught subliminal mutters or whispers about the German Shepherd. All the stars have aligned, pointing that Skye likes him. Although, she may be still blind with these new feelings.

"Alright then Skye, if you say so" he said with a tone of humor and uncertainty. Skye just sweated even more "Uh oh..." She muttered. Rocky sighed "Stop denying you don't have feelings for him" he laughed.

Skye became flustered "R-rocky! I told you I really don't have interest in him" she replies, as she whispers the last bit. But the mixed bred dog just laughs it off "Fine~ I'll stop pushing your buttons~" he said.

But Skye could feel it isn't the end of The Almighty Shipping Rocky. Oh no no no, she knows he's just warming up. Before their conversation had completely ended, Rocky poked Skye on her cheek, then had ran ahead of her.

"Rocky..." she muttered, as she carries on walking behind the Mayor, Chickaletta and Rocky.


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