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The group arrived to the Ministry of Magic by Thestrals. Of course, it was quite difficult getting half of the group onto the creatures as they are invisible to those who have never seen death, and flying on something that you couldn't actually see did seem to frighten most of the group, especially Ron. Since Aurora absolutely loved Magical Creatures, she knew that they were black, skeleton, bat-winged horses, and even though they looked 'scary' they were in no way a danger to humans or other creatures; they were misunderstood creatures.

"This is it," Harry confirmed as the group took the elevator to the lowest floor. The black tilted walls glistened and the only thing at the end of that corridor was one door, "That's the door I've been seeing."

When the group walked through it, they were met with hundreds of rows of shelves that were cobwebbed, meaning that people didn't come down there very often. Aurora looked around and saw different sized balls on the massive shelves. Each one had a label on with a name scribbled down on it; prophecies. The room was so dark that even all of their wands combined didn't let out enough light to see far down.

"Where is he?" Aurora asked staring right at Harry, who craned his neck to look up at the number of the shelf. He quickly walked away saying out loud the numbers before finally stopping in what felt like the middle of the room.

"Ninety-five," He mumbled, looking around, "He should be here."

"Harry," Neville said, not looking at the spectacled boy but instead looking at one of the prophecies, "It's got your name on it."

Harry ran over and stared at the ball, his eyes landed on Aurora and he shared a worried look with her before he reached his arm out, taking hold of the ball that had his name attached to it. He looked intently at if, as if he could see something in it. Where as, everyone else saw a swishing white shadow.

"Harry!" Ginny yelled.

Harry broke the eye-contact with the ball and both he and Aurora walked over to where the rest of the group had gathered. Aurora looked up and gasped, a few steps away from them stood a Death Eater. It was then when she realised all of this was a trap.

"Where's Sirius?" Harry asked the masked figure.

"You know, you really should learn to tell the difference between dreams..." The masked figure spoke, he moved his hand over to his face as he took the mask off, "...and reality."

Aurora clenched her fist around her wand as she saw who the masked man was; Lucius Malfoy. 

"You saw only what the Dark Lord wanted you to see," Lucius explained, causing Aurora to groan but also feel relieved that her father was alright, "Now hand me the prophecy."

"If you do anything to us, I'll break it," Harry said.

A loud cackle came from behind Lucius. Aurora knew exactly who that laugh belonged to as she saw Bellatrix Lestrange coming out of the shadows.

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