Chapter 15

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Apologies for the late update things got a little out of hand. But I'm back. Hope you enjoy the chapter. 

3rd Person POV

Runa sat in her office with a lollipop in her mouth while one of the students who worked for her reported to her of the election games.

Student : Yesterday, Yuriko Nishinotouin took part in the election game.


Yuriko : Why.....*Deep breath* I thought I did everything perfectly...So why?

Suddenly Yuriko keeled over and dove face-first into the board that they were playing. The judge who was a member of her club hurried to her side in terror while her opponent Miyo Inbami accompanied by Miri Yobami sat there .

Judge : Yuriko! Yuriko! Somebody help!

Miyo : Oh dear. That's all it took to make you go?

Miri : Dont be so sentimental. 

*Flashback ends*

Student : The game ended with Nishinotouin's defeat. Her votes went to Inbami and Yobami.

Runa : *Bites candy* It stinks. It really stinks...Our position of "Absolute neutrality is being tested. 


Yumeko and I made our way through the halls of the school until we found our destination. 

Y/N : And here is your destination Milady. *Bows*

Yumeko :  *Giggles* Thanks for bringing me here babe. 

Y/N : Why did you even want to come here? 

Yumeko : *Holds up envelope* Ta-da! Its an invite to a gambling match!

I opened the letter and read through it. I skimmed it but got the general message of the invitation telling her to go to lounge 7 and that it was for an election battle. 

Yumeko : All of these matches coming one after the other. I have to thank Kirari. 

Y/N : More like blame her or your last name. Who gave this you? 

Yumeko : Oh I cant wait!

We stood in front of the door for a little while we were greeted by a familiar voice. 

Rei : Over here. 

Yumeko : Hello there Batsubami.

Y/N : What are you doing here?

Rei : I'm here to introduce these two. 

We looked behind Rei to see two girls. Both that looked alike but one was taller and had longer hair and the other was shorter and had buns in her hair and bangs in the front. What really made them stick out was the makeup that they wore around their eyes. Rei was about to introduce the girls but I did it before her. 

Rei : They are-

Y/N : Miyo Inbami and Miri Yobami. 

Miyo : *Looks to Yumeko* Although we're distant relatives this is the this is the first time we get to see each other. Isn't that right, Yumeko Jabami. 

Yumeko : That is correct. Nice to meet you. 

Y/N : So these are possibly my in-laws. 

Rei : They are here because.

Miyo : Yumeko, you got one of these too, right?

Yumeko : I did. So it seems like we'll be able to enjoy the game together!

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