Hugs (The younger cast)

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Guys, I just wanna state something
So I like Blake, right?
But all my friends Like Cameron😂
Just wanted to say. I'm up at 5am and kinda dying.


Cameron would always have his arm around you, just to show that he cares. Whether the two of you were at a movie premiere or just a simple date, he'd always have an arm protectively around your shoulders or waist.


Believe or not, Blake is one of those traditional guys. He'll hold your hand whenever he has the chance, and pull you into surprise hugs, kissing your forehead.


Eden wasn't all it on hugs, but she loved cuddling. She always wrapped her arms around your waist and you ran your hands through her hair. She absolutely adored cuddling you.


For this one, what do you expect? He'd always hug you from behind. Remember the Peter and Gen scene at the beginning of To All The Boys I Loved Before? Yeah, Dante LOVED doing that to you. He loved seeing you smile.

 He loved seeing you smile

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Since Aidan was constantly busy with his music or learning lines, you'd be the one to initiate the hugs. You'd wrap your arms around his waist and place your head in the crook of his neck, kissing his cheek softly.


Ethan's adorable 🥺💖
Ethan liked to hold you close to him as much as he possibly could. He'd just pull you up from whatever you're doing, much to your dismay, and hug you tightly. So hey, you couldn't really complain.


Tj was a very organised girl. As much as she longed to hug you she wanted to make sure all your schoolwork and such as up to date. Then, you could wrap your arms around her and kiss her happily.

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