Chäptër Føürteen

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Evangeline's P.O.V

" love do wake up. Evangeline."

I moaned slightly and curled into the warmth of my blankets, a small smile forming on my lips. Such a cute little puppy! Maybe a wolf? Yes, I believed that's what this was.

The baby wolf pup teetered towards me on unsteady legs, his eyes barely open all the way. "Hello little cutie! Aren't you just adorable!" I ran my hand along the softness of his cheek and admired his dark fur that covered almost his whole body. So beautiful...

A sudden shake jolted me from my peaceful dream and back into reality, my head threatening to spin from my shoulders like a top.

There, in front of me, sat Alexander, his oily hair pressed and combed back to perfection and his bulging eyes trailing disgustingly down to the hem of my short nightgown, his gaze taking in every inch of exposed skin.

Could I just say this was a rude awakening!

I bolted upright in fright, but instantly regretted it as nausea washed over me and sent me falling back onto my sheets. The moment my head collided with my pillow was the second I remembered everything that had happened...or lack thereof.

What had happened after the ball? After I had danced with Alexander?

For the sake of me I couldn't remember, but I couldn't truly focus on the disappointment blooming in my chest. Not while Alexander sat only inches away and my head was pounding along with my quick heartbeat.

I clutched at my sheets and pulled them up to my chin before retreating closer to the headboard. I couldn't take his eyes on me.

"A-Alexander? What are you doing here? I am not yet ready to be seen before others. Especially in this attire." I gestured down at my sheets like he could somehow see through the cloth and glimpse the tiny piece of fabric that I wore to sleep in.

He grinned and made me shiver in disgust. "Oh my dear," he paused and patted his hand over mine that was gripping the sheets. "I am your betrothed. I will see you in much less than a night gown in the near future. No need to frett." His voice was suggestively low and my heart sped up in anxiety. Gods, how repulsive! How could a man speak to a lady this way when he was so much older than I? I mean I'm sure it didn't bother him any, but it sure did me! Just the thought of it merely brought warmth to my cheeks. And it wasn't in embarrassment.

"Yes, well...I am not feeling well as of this moment. Pray, leave me in peace a while so that I might recover quicker and before our wedding." I breathed, trying not to focus on how hot my skin was becoming, along with the pounding of my temples.

Alexander's eyes darkened and his brows furrowed dangerously. "You dare tell me what to do like I am one of your servants? The nerve!"

I blanched and shrank back into my pillows as he grew closer, a light sheen of sweat making itself known on his forehead underneath the light of my oil lamp.

I shook my head quickly, doing my best to ignore the dizziness that accompanied the quick movements.

"No, your Majesty! I did not mean such a thing! I only asked for a few moments alone so that I may refresh myself and aim to recover!"
My voice was defensive and shrill, my mind having remembered how close his hand had come to striking me at the ball. That is before...before...hmm. Before someone stopped him I'm sure. Or perhaps he stopped himself.

He grew closer and closer until his hands wrapped my wrists and tore the sheets from around me. I writhed beneath him and let a whine of pain leave my lips as hot fire erupted wherever his skin touched mine. "Please... Your Majesty!"

He growled in anger, his hands gripping at my frail wrists, the pressure of of his fingers no doubt leaving a bruise on my skin. "I've told you, Evangeline, to call me by my name."

I turned my head against his hot breath and squeezed my eyes shut. I couldn't believe this was happening! I couldn't push him away for I was far to small, but I couldn't scream either because others would know that he was in here with me. Therefore, they wouldn't enter. I couldn't even use my magic. He couldn't know what I was. My life rested on that line.

I whimpered and struggled within his growing grip; everywhere he was touching me was burning like a hot brand. I couldn't cool it and I couldn't escape him. What was wrong with me? And why was this so painful?

"Perhaps, we should go ahead and make sure you remember to call me by my name. For the wedding of course." he ran his free hand up my bare leg and lingered right around mid thigh before casting  a sick smirk up at me. "No one would need to know. " His eyes again traveled down my bare legs and back towards the swell of my breasts beneath the thin white gown.

My heart seemed to freeze at his meaning and his touch. Oh my gods... He couldn't mean...

"Alexander. Please. Unhand me. What you speak of is specially for after the wedding! We must not rush such a thing!" I whimpered, trying to squeeze my thighs closed against his rising hand. When he took no heed from my words I squeezed my eyes closed yet again, scared to watch his actions. The heat of his touch was scorching me; like he wasn't allowed. But he didn't care. He continued over my hips and onto my lower waist, where the pain escalated to an all time high. He didn't seem to notice my pain that was building higher and higher--along with my panic-- and pushed himself onto the bed, his legs moving to straddle my hips and his hands pushing my nightgown up to bare my flat stomach and new underwear that I had bought recently from France. They were the new style and still quite odd to me.

I tried my best to squirm from his scalding touches, to push his burning skin away from me, but I wasn't strong enough. Not even for his small frame. Panic was rising in my throat as I continued to beg him to stop, begging like I would die if he didn't oblige; I felt like I honestly would. Finally, I reached for my magic. I didn't care if I wasn't allowed. I couldnt just lay here and take it! I closed my eyes and grabbed... Nothing. My eyes shot open in panic as I continued to grip around in my mind only for it to shy away from me. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't focus enough to grab hold or use anything, so my brain almost blanked with panic. I had no defense.

His eyes praised me as the scanned the width of my curves, the toning of my stomach along with my slightly flared hips and small waist.

I bucked beneath him when his touch lowered even lower... Over the waistband of my underwear, and continuing on until the highest amount of pain I'd ever felt scorched through my most intimate spot and spread up into my lower stomach before crawling throughout my body like a lazy poison. When his hands didn't move and the flame continued to grow, I couldn't hold in the heart wrenching scream that escaped my lips. I tried and pull away from him, even as his touch was over cloth but I couldn't risk him moving any farther. Tears streaked down my cheeks in a never-ending stream, as his free hand clamped over my lips, my voice losing its volume for my pleas. They weren't heard anyway.

How did this happen? How did this happen to me? How was I to escape it?

My wrists were still held captive when my heavy wooden door suddenly blew open. My eyes flew over to the intruder, and I don't think I'd ever been so relieved.

His chest was huffing and his voice came out so deathly quiet that I felt one should be more scared now than if he was yelling. Like the calm before the storm.

"Alexander. Get off of Evangeline. Now."


GAH! I hate Alexander!! Anyone with me?!

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