Part: ?? Im now sad

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Me: Hey guys so I watched someone play episode 4 and uh.... I cried

Clem: why did you cry?

Me: YoU madE me Cry CleM.

Clem: I'm sorry :(

Me: I thought you were dead clem

Clem: sksksks sis I said sorry :(

Me: Guys I'm very sad. I'm gonna miss twdg. I'm gonna miss waiting on episodes and I'm gonna miss seeing clem :( but idk if anyone even wants me to continue this book since the game is over now :(

Violet: Comment if DD should continue this book owo

Me: Since August this game has been the only thing I've cared About except for my mom passing :( but now the games just over now.. but I'm very happy clemmy cloo got a happy ending :))) ♥️❤️

Me: I will miss you clem ❤️❤️😭❤️😭😭

Clem: owo ily

Me: I'm gonna make another chapter soon I just wanted to do this real quick to let you guys know I'm still alive 🤪🤪♥️😢♥️💘🤠🤟👌🤷‍♀️

Me: goodnight 💤 🌙 😘🤪🤟♥️🤠👁👅👁 👁👄👁

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