Chapter 1- Meetings

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Chapter 1- Meetings

Also the time you met your fist friend after getting your quirk. This going to be short.
3rd person pov-

A little girl sat alone on the swing set.

She didn't have anyone to talk too and no one wanted to talk to her either.

Held close to her chest was a little cat plush. A little bit of dirt on its bottom, but still in good condition. It was one of the few things she always brought with her.

Her satchel held a small water bottle, a drawing book, pencils, colored pencils, scraps of metal, and a drawing of her only favorite pro-hero, Eraserhead.

There wasn't much significance to her. She wore black shorts with leggings underneath and a simple blue long-sleeved blouse. A necklace with a little charm on it and a bracelet with rubber pieces she chews on. Her brother called it a stim toy, and gave her one to keep her from chewing her nails or sleeves.

There wasn't much significance to her. Yet a boy still quietly walked up to her. The girl was looking down and didn't hear the boy approach. So she was rather surprised to see someone in front of her.

The boy waved at her, giving a little smile. He opened his mouth, but closed it as if he decided something.

He raised up his hands and signed, 'Hi. Me name Shinso Hitoshi. Nice meet you.'

He hoped you knew sign language and didn't think he was odd for moving his hands in different ways. (We're using ASL)

To his surprised delight, you signed back. 'Me name (L/n) (Y/n). Nice meet you.' She gave a little smile back.

'You do what?'

'Nothing. Sit.' She pat the swing next to her.

'Thank you.'

'You power what?'

He had to finger spell the word as he couldn't remember it, 'B-R-A-I-N W-A-S-H. You?'

She herself also fingerspelled, 'B-O-D-Y M-E-T-A-L M-A-N-I-P-U-L-A-T-I-O-N.'

'Cool.' The two signed.

The boy signed, 'You Nice.'

She smiled, before hearing a whistle. Turning around, she was faced with an older girl.

The older girl made a gesture at her wrist. Telling her it was time to go.

The younger girl turned around to face the purple boy.

She told him, 'Goodbye Shinso.'

They waved at each other before turning around to walk to their homes.

'He/she is nice.'

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