Chapter Twenty-Six.

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"Dani?!" The sound of Sweet Pea's screams echoed through my ears but I was unable to move. I looked down at my hands and they were strapped to some type of medical table along with my legs. I struggled trying to get anything free but as I did so the sickening laugh of my own mother echoed through my ears. 

"Oh darling,  you didn't think I'd let you leave here with that baby now did you?" I looked down at my stomach, there was blood everywhere that I couldn't even see my own skin. Screaming I tried to set myself free but it was no use.

"LET ME GO! WHERE'S MY BABY?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HIM?!" I screamed and screamed as I tried to get off the table.

"There's no need to worry about that daughter, he's gone, just like your fiancé." Looking over at Sweet Pea I saw someone pointing a gun to his head and before I could process anything else they pulled the trigger. All I could hear was my own blood-curdling scream and my parents sadistic laughter.


"Dani? Dani wake up!" I was jolted awake by the strong hands of my fiancé shaking me awake.

"Sweet Pea?" I breathed out as I struggled trying to catch my breath, my hands flew down to my stomach as I felt the bump still there my eyes scanned the area and I realised I was still in the tent.

"I'm right here baby. I'm right here." Sweet Pea pulled me close as I sobbed uncontrollably.

"I thought they'd taken you, I thought they'd taken our baby." I couldn't catch my breath as I realised I was having a full blown panic attack. I pushed Sweet Pea away softly so I could look at him and make sure that he was there and that he was alive. 

"Who baby? What are you talking about?" Sweet Pea asked and it was then I realised I hadn't actually told anyone about my visit from three weeks ago. I had been having nightmares every night since, the same reoccurring nightmare of them taking my baby and killing Sweet Pea. The nightmares felt so real but I was terrified to say anything because I didn't want anyone to be mad at me for anything. Taking a deep breath in I tried to steady my breathing before looking back up at Sweet Pea and speaking.

"My parents." Confusion was written all over Sweet Pea's face but he grabbed me a bottle of water and waited until I was stable enough to tell him about my little visit. 

"You're kidding me right? That son of a bitch!" Sweet Pea knocked a couple of books off of the small table we had out of anger before grabbing ahold of me and pulling me into a tight hug "Why didn't you tell me about this sooner?" 

"I was afraid that you'd regret loving me. I was afraid that you'd leave me. I know I'm already a handful and that I act on instinct and emotions before anything, I've almost killed our baby twice now. I thought you would hate me for my mother visiting. I thought maybe you'd change your mind about me." I rambled off to Sweet Pea as I struggled to catch my breath once more, he handed me the bottle of water as I finished it off before looking back up at him.

"Dani none of us are perfect, I know I'm far from it but you're perfect to me. You are not your parents, hell you're the exact opposite. I want to be there to protect you, to hold you, to comfort you for the rest of our lives. I wouldn't have asked you to marry me if I didn't want to spend every second of my life with you. You're my world, if you ever need reminding just look at the ring around your neck." Sweet Pea softly undid my necklace where my ring was sitting due to my swollen pregnancy fingers and showed it to me.

"You're everything to me Sweets, I'm just scared I do more harm than good when I'm around you. The only family I've ever known were murdered by the people who were responsible for creating me, we don't even know if Fangs is my biological brother yet because we're still waiting on the test results to come back. What if the only family of mine who are alive are murderers?" I looked down as tears fell out of my eyes, I was surprised I even had any left after the past week of non-stop crying.

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