XXIV - Til It Reaches Up to the Sky

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Warning: Major character death. 

Rye & Daughter Aviation
Holland Valley
That Same Night...

It had to be midnight, give or take, based on the position of the moon she could see from where she was held. After their meal was cut short, Diana was forced outside, since Nick refused to let her out of his sight. He'd been busy for the last hour or so, tuning up his plane from the damage it suffered on his last excursion.

The radio was on, playing Heart's Barracuda at a low volume, and Diana found it difficult to resist bobbing her head to the song. Her hands were still tied, but she was at least seated in a chair close by, toward the back end of the garage while Nick sifted through his toolbox to find the right one for the task. If this was how life was going to go for the final hours before her judgment, Diana couldn't complain. Other than the spat with Nick and causing trouble with Kim and Carmina, she knew this was a little cushier than she deserved.

She dreaded facing Hudson again, and the condition she might find her in-laws.

"I gotta tell you, for a man of his age—Jake Seed's still got it." Nick tossed one of the rags down he'd wiped along the scuffed wing, peering over at her through the open space beneath the fuselage. Of course, he then realized what he'd just said. "Not like that—I mean... uh..."

Despite their tensions, Diana couldn't help but snicker at the folly of his unintended double entendre, seeing the redness in his round cheeks again. It was one of the first things he'd said to her since their fight, and she wasn't expecting anything other than harsh comments or insults... but humor? That was Nick's strong suit, even if he didn't mean to let it out.

"I mean he put more holes in her than I thought—"

Her lips pursed tight, finding it odd to laugh while being held prisoner, but he was making it too easy.

"Fuck's sake..." Nick glowered at her, "I meant... The old brute must have landed more shots on the plane than I thought he could. At his age, you know, I figured his eyes might be failing him."

Diana merely shrugged at him when he corrected himself in a thorough explanation. Though, instead of rolling her eyes, she just chuckled back. Everyone took potshots at her because of Jacob's age, hell, even John did from time to time. Diana closer to Nick and John's age, after all, and the fact that she'd married the 'old man' always boggled minds. "I expect that from someone like Hurk but keep it up. You're on a roll."

Scowling at her snide retort, Nick turned his head when a truck pulled up and shut off near the house. "Speak of the devil,"

Holy shit... Hurk Motherfucking Drubman Jr.

Diana gasped when she saw Hurk peek into the garage, as she never thought she'd be so thrilled to see that sonovabitch. While she hadn't seen Hurk Drubman Jr. in a very long time, in appearance he was still the same, if not a little more over-the-top than she remembered. He was in his muscle-tank and shorts, despite the weather, socks that looked a little worse for the wear in raggedy boots, topped off with a bandana wrap on his forehead.

She expected no less.

"Uhh, hey Nick!" He waved as he strolled in. "Sorry to stop by all unannounced but I was just in the area and wanted to see how things were goin'!"

"You didn't, though." Nick raised an eyebrow.


"Kim said you were coming by to bring Cheeseburger home, where's he at?"

"Oh! Hah! Yeah, yeah, ya got me!" Hurk's wheezing laugh echoed through the garage, "Your uh... pet's a li'l rowdier than your average teddy bear, you know, I wouldn't mind if he went for the face, I'd be more concerned if he went for my manparts. So, heh, I had to drop him off before I turned into Hurk o' filet."

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