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Despite what you may think,Jason Nash doesn't live in a complete dump. Sure he may not dry himself out of the shower,or let his toenails curl until they fall off, or dry shave his face but his home is neat and tidy.

And his beautiful children greeted you and complimented you wonderfully. God its amazing what Mr. Ugly's children look like. Of course, im joking and Jason's a great guy with nice kids but I've been seeing so much of him it's hard not to rip jokes off each other. Even off camera.

"You know what I've been thinking?",David said as he sat on Jason's kitchen stools.

"What?",I said looking at Charlie's drawings of her family and her brother. Even drawing her father as a stick figure with blonde hair.

"We didn't have our last fling",he grinned as his arm grazed over my right one.

"Last fling?"

"You know. We have sex one more time before we put an end to it. The last fling."

"David. We're in Jason's house."

"Come on I'm sure Wyatt wouldn't mind lending us his room,"he smirked.

"Dude,"I let go of his hand dramatically and let it flop down to his side. I still felt the warmness of his hand and shock that i didn't even realize i was holding it.And that he let me.

"He's a great wing man!",David defended himself and laughed.

I laughed too but inside I was deadass freaking out. Does he actually mean that or was that a joke? My hands felt clammy in his presence and they shouldn't. It's just David and his stupid jokes,I've known him for some time now and I learned not to take everything he says so seriously. If it wasn't a joke, should I tell him that I've been thinking about him too?

Jason's footsteps were heard from yards away and David stayed silent. I heard Jason sigh and have childrens toys in his hand,"The miracles of fatherhood." He had his underwear over his pants and gave us a full show when he turned to dispose of the toy. David silently covered his escaped laughter by hiding away by my shaking shadow that was trying not to alert the old man.

"Daddy!", I heard from upstairs.

"I'm gonna go wipe Wyatt's ass,"Jason grumbled as he trudged to his kids beckoning.

"They still call you Daddy?",I said referring to the podcast. I snickered a little bit too loud,riling up Jason. Jason's face began to scrunch up as to tell me something but convinced himself not to.

"Jesus,Jase,"David sneered as Jason stuttered angrily.

"You guys aren't parents and even if you were David would be more of a baby then an actual baby.You cant sugar mama him forever,Y/N. With the way you guys are humping, that baby's gonna outgrow Josh Peck's,"Jason yelled as he went to his pleading child.
As Jason walked out of the kitchen, I had realized exactly what he meant. My eyes grew wide as David looked at me cautiously. He couldn't have told Jason because he knew it was a one time thing,right? I've been asking myself so many questions that i don't know if i could even dare to ask one more.

"How does he know that,David?"



"Fuck. I know I wasn't thinking at the time i was angry at you for leaving me alone like that,okay? You can't blame me for even being just a little upset over that,right?"

"Who knows who else he's told,"I spat and David shrugged his shoulders defensively.

"I don't know. Maybe no one at all. Listen,Its Jason.Who's gonna believe that?"

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