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Colby, too, couldn't get the other out of his mind. He couldn't get the taste of Sam out of his mouth or the bite of his words out of his mind. So he stayed there in his room, sitting in a ball on the floor questioning what the fuck he was going to do with the rest of his life after just embarrassing himself in front of not one, but two, people. Why did he have to be such a crybaby? He could have just walked into the room and sat down like a normal person and everything would have been fine. God, why was he so stupid?

He didn't realize he had thrown his phone until he heard it thump to the floor across the room from him. There was a small scuff on the wall where it had hit like a Frisbee and ricocheted to the carpet. Colby just stared at the device from his spot of the floor for a few minutes, being too mentally drained to realize what he had done enough to check on the damage. He just pulled his knees closer to his chest in annoyance at himself. When he finally willed himself to crawl over to his abused belonging, he cursed under his breath at the sight. The entire screen was shattered and the back of the phone was bent around the battery. The cracks in the glass made a web of intricate patterns, making the screen unreadable when he tried to turn it on. 

"Shit," He whispered to himself on loop. Each repetition of his cry of frustration grew louder until the last one was an angry yell. He tossed the phone onto his bed, not worrying if he damaged it any more and grabbed a new outfit. Not paying attention to anything but his anger he rushed to the bathroom and locked the door. After making sure the water was as hot as it could get, he stripped down and got into the shower. He closed his eyes and put his face directly under the stream in order to resist the urge to scream. The hot water relaxed his muscles slightly but did nothing to help the endless war of thoughts in his brain.

He contemplated running back into his room to grab his razor but decided against it. He was more focused on getting the stink of sweat and alcohol out of his hair. He wanted everything that reminded him of the night before gone. He wanted anything that reminded him of Sam gone from his mind. Deep down he knew that he was more mad himself than the other boy but he hated any thought that contained Sam.

Shutting of the water and grabbing a towel, he got out of the shower nearly half an hour later. He looked at himself in the mirror where he had found himself before Aaron catching him weeks earlier. Looking back at him was a helpless face framed by dark circles and slightly puffy eyes. He sighed and ruffled the towel through his hair to dry it enough to brush and slipped on his boxers. Standing there, he took a moment to examine the amount of scars that covered his stomach, arms, and thighs. He hated himself for putting there, being his own cock block because he didn't know how to cope like a mature person did. Still, he couldn't imagine himself without them.

Sam and Corey had looked up above them when they heard a crash of something being thrown, not knowing it was Colby's phone. Corey's eyebrows reinstated themselves to their precious raised position in confusion of the sudden noise. They both made eye contact and silently agreed that it was probably nothing of any importance and was most likely Aaron getting mad at a Fortnite game gone lousy. A few minutes later though they heard the faint cursing of Colby's voice grow to a loud yell of "Shit!"

"That's not good," Corey stated lamely, earning him an eye roll from the blond across from him at the obvious statement. He hesitantly got up from his seat and walked over to the bottom of the staircase where he saw his friend storm into the bathroom with a handful of clothes in his arms. Less than a second later he heard the shower turn on. Sighing, he turned around and headed back to the couch where he had been a minute before. In a flop of defeat he resumed his position across from Corey and ran his fingers through his hair swiftly. 

"He went to take a shower," explained Sam in response to the frown on Corey's face. The other nodded and rubbed his eyes with the base of his palm. They sat there for quite a while before pulling out their phones for a source of entertainment. Neither could find any good way to start a conversation or even knew what they would talk about considering the new aspects of each other that had come to light. Or rather the whole, kissing best friend in a bathroom while drunk aspect of Sam. 

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