Chapter Eight

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Shaun has his arm around my neck and I'm resting my head on his chest and listening to the beat of his heart. His hand is stroking my face and brushing the hair out of my eyes while his eyes are fully focused on the TV. I look up at him and his face is perfect as usual. He looks down at me. I can't help but wonder what we are and how our relationship will advance from here.

"What?" He asks, smiling gently at me, his hand continuing the pattern on my head. He must have seen the thoughtful look on my face.

"Nothing, it's just... Well... What are we now?" I reply cautiously, not wanting to make him mad about moving too fast. He turns back to the TV and frowns.

"I don't know, what are we?" he answers back with a question in return. I place my hand on his face and turn his head back to me. I look at him in his eyes and his frown softens.

"I want to be with you Shaun but I know that we can't move that fast,"

"I know," is all he replies with.

"How about we start off with a few dates and see how it goes from there?" I suggest. His face turns into a frown again but then softens quickly. He replies with a nod of his head and turns his head back to the TV. Is he serious? After what we just did, this is what he is going to treat me like. One word answers and nods as a reply. I get up off of his chest and he lets out a low groan of the absence of my body against his.

"That's it, what is up with you? You just finger me in the hallway and then go on to give me the silent treatment?" I question him. His face looks shocked at my outburst.

"I'm sorry," he says, "I don't know how to do this girlfriend boyfriend dating thing that's happening right now," he responds.

"Then tell me that, don't just give me one word answers and make me think that I've done something wrong," I snap back. His eyes move to the ground and then back up at me.

"You could never do anything wrong Brook, you are everything that's perfect in my life. And this," he lays a hand on my stomach, "this is the best thing you could give me." My heart melts at his words. He leans in and kisses my lips with his soft lips. His hand still on my stomach and his other resting on my lower back and pulling him closer to him. He pulls me onto his lap and my legs wrap around his waist and my arms around his neck as his lips explore mine and his hands cradle me safely. This is the man that I want around my child. This is the man I was looking for that whole time. Shaun moans into my mouth when I begin to feel a bulge forming under my ass. I smile into his mouth and he pulls away and we giggle together. He reaches his hand down to fix the bulge in his pants but grab his hand and stop him. He looks up at my face and I shake my head at him. His eyes open widely and I use my free hand that isn't holding his to rub the bulge under me. His eyes close in pleasure and I continue to rub his dick over the top of his pants. He was getting bigger and bigger and he knew it. I let go of his hand and they moved to my ass and he squeezed it, hard in his hands, sending pleasure rushing through me. I lean forward and kiss his lip, his cheek and slowly make my way down to his neck and sucking gently. He moans and i move my kisses up to his ear.

"I think you should go, gotta save the goods for the third date," I whisper in his ear, smirking and moving my hand away from his dick. He opens his eyes which are filled with lust and need. He pouts his lip at me.

"That's just not fair Brook," he whines. I move to get up off of him but his hands on my ass don't let me move and he pulls me into another kiss, his lips rough this time. I pull out of the kiss again and he groans.

"I said it was time to go Shaun," I say seriously this time and breaking out of his grasp. He shakes his head and stands up behind me.

"Okay, goodnight," he says quietly and kisses me on the cheek before walking to the front door and shutting it behind him on the way out.

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