Careful With Me

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My bones may hold,

But my heart will break.

So be gentle with me,

Be careful with me,

And don't drop me,

Cause my heart's already cracked,

And it would shatter.

I place my heart in your hands,

I tell you: 'Do what you may',

I trusted you with it,

I believed you'd use it for the best.

Instead you lost it,

You claimed it just fell,

You go look for it,

Leaving me alone,

With an empty hole in my chest,

Where my heart used to be.

An empty hole, where my trust used to be,

A spot was reserved just for you,

Before that slate was wiped clean with betrayal.

Now I sit in this empty room,

Staining the old carpet with tears,

As my mind is stained with years,

Years we spent together,

Years of lies and deceit.

I say goodbye now,

And I relinquish my heart to you,

I have no need of it.

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