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Ethans POV
Alivia stares at me with a blank expression after what I just said. "You kissed Grayson?" I shook my head as I heard nothing from her. "You liked, kissed him on the lips?" I shook my head again as I still heard nothing come from here. "I didn't think you would ever do that. Especially since you're brothers." I said, "I know. I don't know what got into me. I just happened." She said, "So you didn't mean to do it on purpose?" I said, "No I didn't mean to." She just shook her head as she walked out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

*Couple of weeks later*
It's been a couple of weeks since everything went on with Grayson. For a while it was kind of awkward to talk to Alivia because she knew about me kissing Grayson. We would be at different sections of the apartment and not talk to each other. Soon enough, she started coming around and talking to me. She would actually sit with me, have a conversation with me, and go out with me to grab stuff to eat.

"I'm going out to grab something to eat do you want to come with me," I asked Alivia as I walked into her room to find her watching TV. She turned towards me and nodded as she grabbed the remote and turned off what she was watching. "Do you have an idea of where we're going to go?" I said, "No I was thinking that we could drive around for a little and see if we find something." She just shrugged as she sat on the couch and pulled her shoes on. "Is Grayson coming with?" I said, "He isn't having a good day right now so I don't think he will come." She didn't say anything as she still sat bent over tying her shoes. She stood up and moved over to the door as I walked into Graysons room. I found him sitting on his floor with the stuffed animal we got him at the airport. I smiled as I squatted down beside him and said, "Me and Alivia are going out do you want to come with?" Grayson just gave me a small shake of his head which meant no. "We'll make sure you don't leave the apartment okay?" He continued sitting and fiddling with a small string that was on the stuffed animal. I softly laid my hand on his shoulder as I stood up. He gave no reaction so I walked out and met Alivia standing at the door.

We sat in silence as a song plays lightly in the background. "How are you liking Los Angeles since you've been here for awhile," Alivia asked me out of the blue, probably trying to start a conversation with me. "I still think it's as beautiful as it was when I first got here." She said, "Well I hope that you can stay here so I'm not alone." I just gave a small chuckle as I looked back out the window at the palm trees that got blurry as we went by. I heard Alivia gasp as I turned to see what was wrong. "What's wrong," I asked. "Nothings wrong we're just outside my favorite place to eat when I was younger. I used to eat at this place all the time when I come here for vacation." I said, "We can eat here for lunch if you want." She smiled and said, "I'm totally down for that."

"You said you came here when you were younger. How often did you come here?" She said, "I came here in the summer time for a couple of weeks every year. My grandparents lived here so we would fly over and would always stay at their house. I first came here when my mom was out walking around and I was staying with my grandparents alone. They said they had the perfect place for me to eat and they brought me here." I said, "Well that's pretty interesting to know about. What happened to your grandparents?" She said, "Well when I was about 15, my mom started to become more distant with them and I remember asking why weren't coming to California, but she never gave me a definite answer." I said, "Well I'm really sorry about everything." She said, "Don't worry about it. It's been a couple of years and I'm mostly over it."

We stepped out of the elevator and made our way down the hallway till we come to the corner where our room is. I turn and see that the door the apartment is opened all the way. Fuck. "Why is the door wide open?" I just stand staring at the door as my heart rate starts to increase. "Ethan do you know why the door is opened?" I said, "I left Grayson there alone and I forgot to lock the door." We didn't say anything as we run down the hallway and to the staircase. The door flys open as we both skip steps going down. We make it to the main lobby area and go to the front desk that a lady sits at. "Did you see a boy that looks like me walk out," I asked out of breath. The lady says, "Well there was a person who walked out a couple of minutes before you, but I didn't get a good glimpse of him." I asked, "Was he holding a stuffed animal?" She said, "He was holding something that looked like a stuffed animal under his arm." I said a quick thank you as me and Alivia ran out and starts running down the sidewalk. "He's probably know where near here by now," I said to Alivia who was behind me. She didn't say anything as we turned onto another street. I stopped running as she came up beside me and we caught our breathes. "Maybe we should lo-" I cut Alivia off and said, "There he is." I just started running as I caught up to Grayson and touched his shoulder lightly. "I thought I told you not to leave the apartment?" He just looked at the animal stuffed under his arm and rocked back in forth in place. I noticed that his cheeks were stained red and told me that he was crying. "Why are you crying," I asked as I heard the small sobs that were escaping him. He just continued what he was doing as I grabbed his shoulder and started back towards the apartment building. I watched as the people stared at me, but mostly Grayson as we walked.

"Remember what I said before I left? You weren't supposed to leave the apartment." Grayson gave a small, "sorry," as he sat on the couch. "It's okay just make sure you don't do it again." Right when I finished my sentence a knock on the door rang through the apartment. I thought it was the neighbor again that complains about Grayson for causing a disturbance. I tell the neighbor all the time about his autism but he doesn't care. Alivia made it to the door before me and peeled through the peep hole. "Alivia I know your here." The voice sounded familiar. Like I would constantly hear it. "Shit," is all he words that left Alivias mouth. "What? Who is it?" She said, "It's my mom. She found where we live."

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