Stranger Feels

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Annabeth's POV:

"Whoops," I mutter, putting the background music too soon. I sit at my desk in the editing room (yes, we have a room where everyone edits their videos – although occasionally I'll do it in the comfort of my bed), editing the video of my prank on Percy. Percy's whole hairless face stares at me in the screen. I trim a couple more clips before re-watching it again. I then do my final comb through before inhaling and transferring it to YouTube to post.

"Hey Anna, are you almost done? You've been doing this for hours," Will peeks his head in.

I jump, merely falling out of my chair. Will smirks as I regain my balance. "Uh, yes, just posting it now."

I turn back to the computer and feel my eyes water for the millionth time out of how tired I am and how long I have been staring at this screen. I hit the button before closing everything down and heading out of the room.


Percy's POV:

Annabeth jogs down the stairs. The squad sits on the couches with the wall we all painted crazy pictures on for a video when we first moved in, as I set up the camera with the ring light. Today, the Stranger Things Season 3 trailer came out and we are all itching to watch it, as big Upside-Down fans.

"Do you think the Demogorgon will come back?" Leo asks as I check my camera's focus. Hmm, maybe I need to adjust the tripod.

"No, I think it could be related to that but not the demo dogs," Will says.

"Demogorgon," Nico corrects him.

Will puts his arm behind Nico on the couch, "Yeah but I'm also talking about the demo dogs."

"Okay well, I just hope Will gets a break," Rachel comments, sitting down between Hazel and Piper.

"Evening everyone! Sorry, I was a smidge late, I had to finish some schooling," Brynn apologizes.

"Yeah Brynn, we're sooooo mad at you right now," Mark jokes.

She rolls her eyes and sits on the couch beside him. "So, after we watch the trailer – which by the way, was so hard to resist today and not go on social media, which I am sure is blowing up – are we going to say our thoughts? Our theories?"

"Maybe we can read theories on social media?" Piper suggests, quirking an eyebrow.

"Someone go on Twitter and tell our fans to tweet us theories," Annabeth says, dialing the Chinese Food place.

"On it," Jason mutters, his phone light not even making a dent in the ring light.

Hazel gasps, "What about Mileven?!"


But it isn't until all the girls stand up collectively and start chatting at rapid speed it's a new language about ALL the ships in the show, then they move onto how Max and El get to hang out that I look behind me at them all. The boys glance at each other around the girls with frightened expressions as they continue to move their mouths like if they don't get it out, they'll die. My eyes immediately – for some reason – go to Annabeth who flips her hair before bringing up another point or theory that sends the girls into another collective scream and further analyzing. I watch her princess curls bob up and down. You know, she would look really good with short hair, like shoulder blade length. The curls would be perfect.

And that's when the plan came into formation. The next video will be epic.

They finally calm down, settling back onto the couch. "You done?" Nico groans.

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