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"Hey, what took you so long?" One of my best friends, Logan, asked as I sat down at our usual table

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"Hey, what took you so long?" One of my best friends, Logan, asked as I sat down at our usual table.

I put my tray of food down, shrugging. "I was talking to a teacher."

"Yeah right!" He exclaimed, "You, Adrian Rivers, actually talking to a teacher?"

"Logan, shut up."

My other friend Isaiah snickered, knocking on my head. "Yoo-hoo, anything there?" He called, and he and Logan burst out into laughter.

I crossed my arms. "I have better grades than all of you combined," I informed them seriously, shaking my head.

"Nuh-uh," another voice chimed in, "I have higher grades than you, 'Rian"

I rolled my eyes, "Haha, very funny. I'm smarter than you, Kenna."

She reached out and slapped the back of my neck. "Oww..." I whined, rubbing the now sore spot, "What'd you do that for?"

Kenna gave me a triumphant smile, "Admit I have better grades than you."


She punched my arm this time and I immediately brought my arms up in surrender, "Shit, okay! You have better grades than me."

Kenna innocently smiled back at me, "Why thank you, Adrian. That's such a sweet thing to say about me!"

Logan and Isaiah looked amused, "See 'Rian? You're gonna get your butt whooped by a girl."

"A very strong and pretty girl, thank you very much," Kenna drawled, taking a bite of her sandwich. "Speaking of strong and pretty girls, where are Lexi and Maya?"

Alexia and Maya were my other two best female friends. Our group consisted of seven people, four boys and three girls, and we'd all been best friends since the first grade.

Logan shrugged, "Probably in detention. Also, where's Hayden?"

"Football conditioning," I answered him. "Coach wanted him at lunch 'cause we have a game against Pleasanton next week."

Kenna sighed, "Looks like it's just us for today."

"Oh come on, Kenna," Isaiah pouted, "We're fun!"

"Yeah!" Logan agreed, nodding rapidly.

Kenna scoffed playfully, "Haha, that's the funniest joke I've ever heard."

While the three's banter went on, I found myself drifting into my head. My thoughts went to the girl in my History class. I subconsciously took a bite of the slice of pizza I'd gotten and pondered over her. She seemed very shy and quiet, and I'd only noticed she was in our class today.

I'd also noticed she looked different than everyone else. She dressed like she was hiding something, and she looked... sick. Not deathly ill, but her skin was paler than the normal person's. I brushed it off, maybe she was just cold or something. Mr. Matthews always kept the AC on.

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