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Jennies PoV

Me and Jisoo are walking around the company. My dad said he has a lot of phone calls and paper work to do so me and Jisoo might as well get out of his way and what better way to spend my time and to see what Lisa is doing.

Jisoo: can we see what Rose is doing first.

Jennie: ok lets go to her studio.

Me walk towards Rose studio which is right next to Lisa's. Rose was already walking out when we saw her.

Jisoo: Rose

Jisoo called out making Rose Turn around. Rose smiled brightly so did Jisoo... these to are really cute.

Rose: hey guys what are you up to

Jennie: nothing much we are bored and I wanted to see Lisa.

Rose: Lisa is with X academy right now practicing some dancing she should be done in an hour

I mentally rolled my eyes why is she always so busy.

Jennie: well I'm going to go anyway she would never kick me out even if she tries she knows I won't go.

Rose shrugs

Rose: fair point are you sure you don't want to wait with me

I smile at them both

Jennie: no you and Jisoo have fun

I say waving at them both as I walk to Lisa's studio.

Lisa PoV

I was in the middle of dancing when I could see Jennie walk in through the mirror and she sat down at the back looking at me. Why is she walking in when I'm busy.

When I finished dancing everyone stops

Lisa: ok you are all doing great how about we take 5

Everyone bows and they walk to the back to drink some water and chat. I walk towards Jennie and she stands up smirking at me.

Jennie: working hard baby

Lisa: what do you want Jennie can't you see I'm busy working.

I say in a serious tone making Jennie rolls her eyes at me

Jennie: why are you acting like this again I just wanted to see my lili

I shake my head Jennie walked closer to me and I moved back. There's to many people here for Jennie to be clingy right now.

Lisa: yes but I'm working you need to leave

I say as I drink my water.

Jennie: come on can I stay I'll behave.

Jennie says while taking my water and drinking it.

Lisa: can I have my water back

Jennie shakes her head like a baby

Jennie: can I stay and watch pleaseeeee

I scratch the back of my neck. I can't say no to her even if I don't want her to be here when I'm working.

Lisa: fine you can stay but don't disturb my lesson.

Jennie gives me a gummy smile and sits down

Jennie: ok baby work hard

I roll my eyes

Lisa: Jennie...

I looked at her she seriously calling me baby this load in front of my clients. Jennie raises her hands and mouths sorry.

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