Chapter 2

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We had so much stuff. Luckily we had a cart which our team kindly pushed. Although I had to carry one of my guitars. We followed them to meet my aunt who lives here in LA. We are staying with her for the two months which should be fun. "Well hello" I said as we walked out. I didn't think there were going to be actual people waiting for us at the other end but there is and it's awesome. I walked over and took as many pictures as possible before being rushed off being told 'we have to go'. We all hurried into the mini van where we could all finally say hello to my Aunt. I leant over to hug her. "I missed you" I said releasing from the hug.

"I missed you to, how was the flight?" She asked. She still had a British accent but it had an American twang kinda.

"Good, I'm tired but fine" Max said. We all drove to my aunts house and got settled in. The house is huge so there are lots of room. Our team split into three rooms while Millie, Claire and I went into one and Max and Dan in the other.

4 Days Later.........

"It's today" I said excitedly getting up from the bed I have called mine for 4 days now. We haven't done much since we got here. Just walked around and practised really. Millie and Claire were still asleep. I decided to put One Direction on really loud cause that will wake them both up. Millie loves them, Claire not so much but blame Millie for speaking about them all the time. 'AND WE DANCED ALL NIGHT TO THE BEST SONG EVER'. Millie shot right up and started dancing while I laughed at Claire who didn't look too happy.

"Seriously Y/N, One Direction" Claire said.

"Hey we need to get up and it was the only way" I replied. "Come on let's get ready" I said. I packed the clothes I would wear for the show in my bag while I threw on a t-shirt and some jean short shorts. I also put on my jumper before I was finally ready to go. I pick my back pack on before meeting the others down the stairs.

"Seriously Y/N your Fifth Harmony jumper?" Dan said. I looked down at it.

"Yeah what's wrong?" I asked confused.

"Uh just don't worry about it" Max said.

"So where's Claire and Millie?" I asked as they still weren't down here yet.

"Make up" Dan replied. I made an 'oh' shape with my mouth. I don't usually have much make up on. The minimal really and the make up artist knows that.

"Sorry it takes longer with only Mandy here" Millie said as both her and Claire walked down the stairs.

"Ok let's go" Claire said. We all got in the fan with our security guard, Mike, and our driver, Joey. I put my headphones in, like usual, as we drove to where the event was. I love doing events with lots of different artists. I'm really excited to see the Cimorelli's again. We met them about a year ago and have been friends ever since. There are also loads of other amazing artists going but I really want to meet Fifth Harmony. I have been waiting for this day for so long. I felt someone shake me.

"Hey Y/N we're here" Mike said. I took out my earphones and hopped out the car while putting my backpack back on.

"This is so cool" Claire said. We all nodded as we followed Mike to the backstage area. Each artist had their own little trailer which was cool. When we got to ours and had finally settled as guy came in. I'm just guessing he works here.

"Hey guys I'm Ryan, and welcome to The Hyde Fest, so I've just come to let you know that you will have sound check in about half and hour just before Fifth Harmony" Oh god what if they see me. "So they are setting up all your equipment now then at 1.00pm you will do a meet and greet and they show should begin at about 3.30 to 4.00pm but as your the second last act you will have some time" Ryan said. We all nodded. "Great see you guys later" Ryan said before walking out.

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