Chapter Two : The Fight Begins

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"Hey guys, I'm here!" Nova spoke into her helmet as she flew up beside the five other flying lions.

"Nova, you got your lion! What does the armor look like?" Eclipso asked through the screen communicator in his lion.

"Pretty cool if you ask me," Nova smirked, her Galra tail swishing behind her contentedly.

"Aw, you got the cool armor! Trade with me!" Luna whined jokingly.

"Hey, if anything, I should have gotten the White Lion!" Grayson pouted.

"Honestly, you guys should be happy with your lions, I don't understand why you're complaining," Jeremy laughed.

"Alright guys, that's enough chit chat! Nova got her lion and we have aliens to fight, so right now we need to focus," Celestia shouted, pressing a few buttons. "Luna, I need you to get a reading on how many ships are out there and when they'll get here,"

"And since when do I take orders from you?" Luna remarked.

"Since I became the leader of Voltron, now get those damn readings already,"

Eclipso snapped his fingers in a Z shape. "Ooh, you tell her, Tia,"

"Shut it, Eclipso!" Luna growled, pressing a bunch of buttons on her lion and getting information in. "I can't tell exactly how many, but there's a lot. And they'll be here any second now,"

"Should we form Voltron?" Jeremy asked.

"How the hell are we supposed to form Voltron right before a battle when we haven't even been in the lions until now?" Grayson argued.

"But King Alfor told us in our dreams that we would be able to as soon as we got in the lions," Nova said. "He's the one that told us everything. Shouldn't we trust him?"

"I ain't trusting jack shit from a guy that's been dead for ten thousand years," Grayson frowned.

"Hey, that's Celestia's grandpa you're talking about! Be respectful!" Jeremy yelled.

"Guys! Now is not the time! For right now, let's stay separate until I say otherwise. And remember who you're fighting for. Not just Earth, but the entire universe is trusting us now," Celestia rebuked.

"Guys, they're here!" Luna shouted as at least a hundred dark green ships flew into the atmosphere from hyperdrive, as well as one huge command ship.

"We need to lead them out of Earth's atmosphere! Grayson, you and Eclipso take the ships to the left, Luna and Jeremy take the ones to the right. Nova and I will handle the command ship. Now go!" and with that, the team split up to defend their home planet.

Grayson and Eclipso, taking the fleet to the left, began firing at the ships to draw their attention away from Earth. Luna and Jeremy did the same for the fleet to the right, while Celestia and Nova flew directly towards the command ship.

The large ship started firing at the black and white lions, forcing Celestia and Nova to maneuver around the heavy green tinted blasts.

"Nova, take out those turrets!"

"I got you!" the white lion fired from it's tail laser, blasting a line of white light at the turrets of the command ship and taking them all out.

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