Chapter 22

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I had to do a double take to make sure it was Theo, because he didn't feel like the Theo that I had been around. He had a bold look about him as he took in the female's body next to him, he had his arm wrapped snug around her bare waist as she leaned into him. He had the look of want, lust, and desire in his eyes and the fact that he looked at her like that gave me pain. The thought that occured to me was that I don't feel like he has ever looked that way towards me before.

I wasn't prepared for the waves of disappointment and hurt to roll through my body. This was a feeling I not only wasn't prepared for, but to be completely honest I wasn't used to. I had spent so many years being content in what was being offered and given to me. Sure I had found lots of different men attractive in my life and I admit that the petty feeling of jealousy had found me now and then when I was younger. If I found someone that I was interested in however, and they showed no signs of reciprocating, I had no issues in pushing aside that emotion and moving on. 

I had always retained the thought of easy come and easy go in regards to men and romantic relationships. There were plenty of fish in the sea, so to speak, and I knew that I was attractive. That's why things were so easy with Ben I had never had that singing pain of jealousy or hurt when he talked to other women. I had always felt confident and Ben had always reassured me that I was the only one he wanted even if I never asked for that assurance. Ben just continually gave himself to me and I should feel like the luckiest woman alive for someone as wonderful as him.

I feel guilty, because I still haven't looked away from watching him move around the yard and talk to people. I shouldn't feel hurt or jealous that he's spending time with someone else, especially since this woman obviously would be able to give him more than I could. 

I have Ben, I love Ben, he wants to marry me, he's sacrificed and waited for me, he should be the one for me. I keep that mantra repeating over and over in my head, trying to convince my heart and body that this unwanted feeling of jealousy is petty and unneeded. 

Reigning in these unwanted emotions I slowly turn away from watching Theo and stare at the fire in front of me instead. I can still feel Buzz's arm draped across my shoulders as he is laughing at something someone else in the group has said. 

"Don't worry Princess, we all know that he's just so hot." Buzz's teases as he whispered in my ear. 

I just rolled my eyes in response and with a cheeky smile looked over at him. 

"Jealous are you?" 

"Do you see who my arm is wrapped around?" He responds tightening his arm and pulling me in closer to his body. "I've got the hottest chick here, people should be jealous of me!" 

His innocent flirting makes me laugh and I can't help put give him a slight pat on the chest. 

"I think we're gonna be good friends Buzz." 

"Woohoo! Fuck yeah! You hear that? I'm in with the Pres.'s daughter!" He points at the rest of the group and along with me they all just smile and roll their eyes. 

"This means I get to take you home, yeah?" He raises his eyebrows suggestively at me with a large smile and I can't help but laugh at him. 

"Trying to get Terror to kill you already yeah?" Theo's voice interrupted the circle and I glanced up to see his face. 

How could I not be attracted to him? He was stunning, although much different from Ben's clean, professional appearance, Theo was all hard with sharp lines. His jeans fit him snug along his thighs and I could see the faint outline of his chest muscles through his fitted black tee. He still had his arm wrapped tightly around the waist of the blonde, but instead of the desire and passion I had seen earlier thrown at her, he was staring at me. His hazel eyes I always thought betrayed how he really felt, and I could see the glare he was giving me. 

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