14 - London, Great Britain

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Greece and the events from the villa were now behind the couple, plus friends. Clementine and Louis spoke about the scare pregnancy and realised that it was a preventable situation. They decided, mutually, to ensure nothing unexpected like that happens again.
Overall, Greece was a fun experience in the sun.

The final country was Great Britain. That meant a royal trip to the capital, London, was in order. Violet had always wanted to visit to go to London, ever since hearing about it in the movies and news. The other three were excited, but it was visible that Violet was ecstatic about the trip.

"I can't believe we get to go to London! Finally!" Violet shrieked, on the plane ride going there.
Clem laughed at her enthusiasm, not seeing Vi like this for a long while.

Currently outside the royal palace, the group of four were in awe at the sight. It was a huge building, perfectly symmetrical on each side. Apparently, there are over 400 rooms in it. The entire place look deserted, due to the lack of people around inside of the gates. The only people allowed in the gates of the building were palace guards.
But, outside of those gates was a large constant crowd. People of many nationalities wanting to catch a glimpse of the palace, or maybe even the Queen herself.

The girls were stood next to the famous Royal guards, outside of Buckingham palace. They were a bit awkward at the situation, since the guard was not talking or moving. Even his blinking was spanned out.

"Alright guys, I think some pictures are in order. Ya know, the poses that every tourist does?" Louis laughed, holding his girlfriend's camera up to his eye.

The girls didn't understand the reference, so Marlon had to explain. "Pretend to kiss his cheek." He spoke.

"But don't enjoy it too much." Louis retorted back, focusing on his short girlfriend.

Clem muttered back, "Yeah, yeah." At her slightly jealous boyfriend.

And with that, Violet and Clem were striking a vary of poses with the not bothered guard. The poses were fake cheek kissing, pouts and pretending to steal his large and fluffy hat.
He was looking straight ahead, not reacting to anything that happened around him. There was lots of discipline to the role. The guard only moved when a signal was given by another guard. His movements were robotic, as if automatic.

Marlon and Louis were laughing at the situation, while also being photographers.


Looking for somewhere to eat was difficult in the large city, since it was so busy. London was one of the busiest cities in Europe during the summer months. Millions of tourists around the place would definitely cause road rage and busy pathways.

While strolling down the bustling bridge, Clem noticed a famous fast food chain. It was a McDonald's, but looked so much different to the American ones. Some of the food items were varied, and portions were so much smaller.

"We could eat there." Clem said, pointing to the food chain.

"Yeah, let's go. My feet are killing me." Marlon complained.

And with that, the group made their way to the greasy food place. Any food is good food when hungry.

There was also the famous style of black taxis and red double decker buses. Public transport was a big deal in London, obvious by the amount of buses. Not to mention, the complex underground railway service. It was a hell of experience to ride them too.
Not to mention, it was very stressful for new comers.

Armed with trays in hand, there was a spare table that popped up at the convenient time.

"Damn, these food portions are so normal looking compared to America." Louis spoke, happy with the smaller portion for once.

"I don't mind the larger meals." Marlon shrugged.

"Of course you would say that, fatty." Violet joked, knowing her friend wouldn't be offended.
Clem didn't even say anything, too preoccupied with the fries in her mouth. Fast food fries were the best.

After a few minutes, the chatter grew quiet because everyone was too busy enjoying the heavenly food in their mouths. That was until Marlon spoke up.

"I have an announcement to make." Marlon said, placing his burger onto the tray before making his mini speech.

Taking a deep breathe, mullet boy spoke "I'm not going home with you guys, not straight away anyway."

Feeling confused, Louis asked a simple "What?"

"I'm going back to Amsterdam to be with Cam again, before returning to America." Was his explanation.

"I think it's a good idea. Amsterdam is right across from London, so it makes sense to see her again before going home." Clem agreed, growing excited for her friend.
The brunette girl continued, "This is so cute!"

Louis bro fisted Marlon, showing his silent support. He was happy got the rat boy.

"Do it dude. You have my support, now and when you get back." The dread head spoke, feeling happy for his long term best friend.

"Thanks man." Was his reply. He now waited for Violet's input.

Violet was still silent on the matter. "Are you sure about this? I mean, you just met her a few weeks ago." She said, feeling sceptical.

Marlon nodded, "I'm sure. I haven't felt like this about anyone since Brody, and it's been months since she moved away. I think it's time to move on."

"You deserve to be happy." Louis interjected.

Thinking it over a final time, Violet finally agreed. "Okay then. If you think it's right, do it."

They decided to make a mini toast, regardless of the lack of alcohol. Everyone grabbed their drinks, which were in plastic cups with straws, and clinked them together.

"To an amazing European adventure!" Clem shrieked.

"And to many more adventures in the future!" Louis responded, looking at her in awe.

Authors note
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London is actually the capital of my country, because I'm from England. It's true about there being lots of rain too.

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